terrigal '08 part 2

  26 August 2009

(Hi Butch! I’m still writing properly are ya proud of me?) Day 2 of our Terrigal trip and we were staying at the Crown Plaza Hotel mainly because we love their buffet breakfasts. Look an eggs station! Eggs cooked any way you want!

Muffins, danish, croissants, banana bread

Breads of every variety. And an automatic toaster! I love those things! There’s just something about watching your piece of toast move from one side to the other…

Fresh fruits and yoghurt

Instant coffee and tea section. There was actually a dude with a proper coffee cart but i forgot to take a photo of him. My bad.

Fresh juice and smoothies. Loved loved loved the mango smoothies! There used to be a smoothie station where the lady made your drink fresh to order but guess she moved to the egg station

Plate of food with our awesome view

Lol noods looks sleepy. His idea of a holiday is sleeping all day haha i however am wide awake and ready for:

SURFING LESSONS! Bwahahaha i’ve always wanted to learn to surf!

I’m the only one wearing a full length wetsuit because i always get cold haha i’m weak! Also, apparently i’m backward and usually right handed people lead with their left foot… Was super glad the class wasn’t completely full of kids…

The surfboard was heavy…

One last grin to noods before i head off to my doom

The class in the water

Noobie alert hoho


So i managed to stand on my surfboard but not without plenty of falls hoho look at mah bruises! And that’s only on my arm!

And a random pic on the giant chess set before we head home <3

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