Chat Thai, Haymarket

  18 November 2009

Chat Thai (20 Campbell St, Haymarket) has become increasingly popular with the foodbloggers with posts “>here, here, here, here and here. While the seating area can be a bit cramped and a little too close to other humans for my liking, the food arrives fast, is cheap and super tasty and service is always with a smile. After an awesome dinner at Busshari with the Eat Show & Tell crew, Helen, Yas and i decided more snacks were needed before the evening ends and managed to convince Simon to come meet us for supper. There is always a queue at Chat Thai so make your way inside and write your name down for a table. Trust me the wait is worth it.

OH HAI! A drink on the menu immediately caught my eye- Yakult Blend ($4) i looooove yakult! It’s sweet AND good for you! Probiotics yo! i was expecting either a small glass of yakult with heaps of ice or a large glass of super watery yakult but luckily this was neither and was nice and sweet and a pretty decent size too.

Nahm Prik Num ($14)- A relish of smoked long green chilli, mortar and pestle grounded with roasted red onions, garlic and fermented fish. Served with accompaniments- steamed choysum, soft poached eggs, crisp fried pork belly. Simon digs into the relish with gusto shrugging and saying it wasn’t hot until 2 mins late ack it burrrrns its burrrrrns! hahahaha the fried pork belly is of course so very awesome and we eye the bags on the counter that can be bought to take home. So tempting.

Loug Chin Ping- ($2/stick)- Grilled skewered pork or beef meat balls, accompanied with nahm jim -a sweet chilli and sour plum sauce.

Mu Bhing ($2/stick)- Skewered and char grilled lean pork marinated in galangal, lemongrass and garlic accompanied with nahm jim jeaw, Gai Satay ($2/stick)-
Skewered and char grilled chicken fillets marinated in garlic, turmeric and coriander roots. Accompanied with peanut sauce and salsa of pickled cucumber and red onions.

Wonton with egg noodle and BBQ pork with soup ($8.90)- Egg noodles and wontons filled with chicken and prawns, with sliced bbq pork.

Par Tuhng Go ($6.90)- Pillowy flash-fried dough sticks with sangkaya. Dudes. Deep fried dough! With a coconuty pandan sauce! Oh yes it is amazing. The dough sticks are made fresh and from our upstairs viewpoint we stare almost hypnotised at the giant wok of oil as lumps of dough magically transform into light golden sticks of happiness.

Sticky glutinous rice with mango ($7.50). The durian sticky rice had sadly sold out but the sweet mango sitting atop a bed of sticky rice with a splash of coconut milk was tasty and so very filling.

Iced Bread ($6). OhEmGee! A mountain of shaved ice drenched with a fluro pink fruity liquid appears and there are chortles of glee with the discovery that the fat slice of bread on the bottom is soaked in condensed milk mmm sweeeeetness

Yas aka the bottomless stomach buys a bag of pork crackling ($5) in case he gets hungry later..

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  1. Blitzo says:

    Wow! I loved dessert………………That’s why I’ve always here.

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