Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Party 2009

  14 December 2009

Helen and I read alot of food blogs. 122 to be exact. After debating the feasibility of getting a big group together and tossing around locations we managed to organise Sydney’s biggest food bloggers meetup at Hyde Park.

50 awesome foodbloggers rocked up, bringing more food and drinks than we could possibly consume

Da food! Zomg so much food!

And another shot of the food from the other side…

A little pressed for time I stuck to the classic kids food of fairy bread, honey joys and chocolate crackles

Billy unveils his sexy 6 hour Momofuku slow roast pork and immediately a crowd gathers to claim a spot in front of him

The pork is fall apart tender and so very juicy. I uh didn’t take many photos of each dish because I was too busy eating lol my bad

Bloggers were instructed to bring a $10 pressie for our Kris Kringle with a twist. Everyone drew a random number and when it was their turn they could either select a pressie from the pile or steal someone else’s pressie! The Food Face plate was the most stolen item and guess who ended up with it…

HOHOHO! Thanks Lex for trading with me! I can’t wait to make a pea beard!

Richard, Yas, me, Amanda, Tim and Christina

Me, Jen, Trish

Lisa, Steph, me, Karen, Jacq with Yas sneaking in at the back of the pic haha

Time for eggnog!


(Photo from Simon) Thanks everyone for coming and bringing so much food! I had an awesome time putting a face to people’s blogs and look forward to seeing Sydney’s food blogger community continue to grow!

The 50 food bloggers that came were: (visiting from Singapore)

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