Macaron Day at Adriano Zumbo, Rozelle

  18 December 2009

So, it was Adriano Zumbo’s birthday on November 6th and to celebrate the whole patisserie declared a Macaron Day with a whopping 60 flavours available. I know I know I’m super SUPER late in posting this! Other posts from everyone: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here (hmm did I miss anyone?)

The queue at 8am. Yes we are eager foodbloggers and arrived super early to miss the queue!

The b’day boy arrives bearing boxes and boxes of macarons

The calm before the storm..


Bowl of pop-rock macarons on a stick

My babies! We ended up queuing twice because in the first round some of the flavours hadn’t arrived yet. Flavours I got l-r t-b: burnt butter, popcorn, popcorn, carrot cake, french toast, marshmallow, peanut butter, salted chocolate, chocolate & salted caramel, maple syrup & bacon, nfi, doughnut, green tea, popcorn, cheeseburger, chocolate & praline.

Macarons in a stack. Popcorn is still my absolute favourite, the peanut butter was awesome and strangely I liked the cheeseburger tho it was a little smooshed on the trip home. Was not a fan of the marshmallow with its crazy springy filling and the maple syrup & bacon was interesting with the sweet maple filling studded with salty bacon bits

Halving the macarons to share with the mothership.

Oh hello innards shot!

And then I realised I missed a couple but luckily a quick call to Karen and I got my precious butter and toast macaron zomg so good I luuve butter!

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