Chocolatesuze Featured in Cleo

  20 January 2010

So. I’m in the Feb edition of Cleo. (Click image to enlarge). While I was wildly excited to have my pic up there I did have an issue with how my page long of responses to the questions the journalist had asked me got reduced to this one line: “Susan Thye, 26, of agrees ‘it can be an expensive hobby’.” Er. For the record my full sentence was: It can be an expensive hobby but food doesn’t have to blow your budget for it to be tasty.” Also, it’s MACARONS not macaroons! And I didn’t make them! The pic of the macarons are from Adriano Zumbo! Blargh I don’t want to sound ungrateful, I was totes cackling with happiness about my imminent appearance in a shiny magazine but I wished a little fact checking had been done, as pointed out by Lili’s post here– Julia Child ain’t French! And what about the absence of Lisa’s pic?! I didn’t particularly like how the article seemed to make foodbloggers sound psychotic and wtf with including an addiction specialist in the article? Ah wells that was my 5 seconds of fame haha also featured in the article were fellow foodbloggers Anita, Jen, Lili, Lisa and Lorraine. Jen has also transcribed the article in full here

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