All you can eat ribs at Waterfront Grill, Darling Harbour

  17 March 2010

EDIT: Waterfront Grill no longer offers all you can eat ribs

This is Jacq aka Penguin Says Feed Me! This youngin had just turned 21 and what better way to celebrate than an all you can eat ribs dinner ($29p.p on Tues) at Waterfront Grill (Shop 289 Harbourside, Darling Harbour) with a whole bunch of other awesome super hungry food bloggers. Their website says mention the ad and you get a free soft drink but the waiters had nfi about this promotion and we ended up asking to speak to the manager who also had no clue and so iphones were produced and the website shown before our round of drinks appeared with much apologies.

Oh hai. i like knives.

The ribs arrive, glistening with the tastyness that is bbq sauce. The thick chunky cut chips are golden and fantastic and even though they are classified as ‘filler’ by the boys they are irresistibly munched upon. Billy mentions ordering a side of salad and while at first we all laugh at the idea of greenery, after the first plate of ribs is devoured i would’ve loved some form of lettuce to help balance the meat.

I am fail and only manage 2 plates of ribs but Richard manages 4 plates before finally admitting defeat.

The arrival of Ellie’s crack pie with a singular candle in the middle is greeted with pleadings of ‘please don’t sing!’ from Jacq which of course makes Richard and I break out into song and soon the whole table is joining in, the candle blown out and the crack pie is portioned out with Helen travelling 40mins across town to get a piece of the pie.

The pie may be a tad on the not so pretty side but it sure makes up for its lumpy appearance with a bucketful of awesomeness. It definitely lived up to it’s nick name of ‘crack pie’ with its super short and buttery cookie crust and a sweet gooey filling so freaking addictive that i was scraping the plate clean. Stomachs full we stumble onwards for some ice cream. Cos that is how we roll heh. Hope you had a happy birthday Jacq!

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