ChocolateSuze & Noods’ Lollipop Wedding Part 2

  5 April 2010

So after setting up the chairs and greeting the guests the boys took a second to channel their inner BSB

The slow chords of Pachelbel’s Canon In D begins and the bridesmaids enter the garden

(Photo from Jodie) Woohoo my turn!

(Photo from Karen) Girls: practice walking around in your wedding dress! I totally forgot I had to go up 2 steps and nearly stacked it right about here haha

(Photo from Connie) Luckily my fail-safe non-trip sneakers saved me and I made it up to the grass and then…

(Photo from Jen) WHEEEEEE and then our Canon D song rips into a rock riff and it’s time to rock on down the aisle!

Thanks Billy!


(Photos from Melissa that I turned into a dodgy gif) Heh heh I’d only told my dad that we’d be dancing down the aisle about 2mins before the ceremony started! 3 steps to the right, pause, 3 steps to the left pause and repeat!

Made it to our ‘altar’ in one piece without any wardrobe malfunctions lol our awesome celebrant was Renee who knew Noods from working with him previously and did an awesome speech incorporating all our quirks from guitar hero jokes to a whole bunch of food references

Passing my bouquet to Helen who later tells me holding 2 lollipop bouquets were heavy hahaha oops

Why hello there. Nice to see you 😛

I Noods, take you Suze to be my lawfully wedded wife
Through good times and through bad times,
For richer, for poorer and when the fridge runs dry
I’ll always stand by your food blogging endeavors
and do my best to put food on the table when you are unable to score any freebies

I promise to sit by you through dinner
Even if you cook eggplant when I want chicken
And skipping the entrée so you can have dessert

I promise to be with you always,
To care for you, to be faithful and to love you Til infinity and beyond
I give you this ring as a symbol of my love

Noods: Psst quick which hand is it!

I Suze, take you Noods to be my lawfully wedded husband
Through sunny days and rainy days
For richer, for poorer and when you buy me the wrong type of chocolate
You are the sprinkles on my donuts,
The maple syrup on my pancakes,
The butter on my toast
And the icing on my cake

I promise to not laugh too loudly when Penrith lose
Even when they lose spectacularly
And to not ask questions in the 79th minute
Or cheer for the opposing team

I promise to be with you always
To care for you, to be faithful and to love you Til infinity and beyond
I give you this ring as a symbol of my love

(Video by Billy

You may now kiss the bride WHISTLES

Signing the register. I nearly signed in the wrong place that’s why we’re laughing haha (Also, people who are getting married make sure you lodge your marriage declaration thing with your celebrant or whomever 1 month prior to getting married).

Wheee bubbles! Our walk out song was Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows Everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together!

Da bridal party

(Photo from Melissa) Yes I strapped my iphone to my leg 😛 I only managed to tweet during the car ride there haha

(Photo from Carly) Fairy floss dude from (The Fudge Shop, $305 for 500 serves of fairy floss with 1 operator and 3 hours service)

Mmm sweet sweet candy 😀
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