Chocolatesuze & Noods’ Reception at Rhodes Phoenix

  14 April 2010

It’s candy time! So after the tea ceremony I changed back into my wedding dress while sending the super freaking awesome food bloggers to help set up the candy buffet. Woohoo checkout mah candy bar! The idea was for guests to help themselves and fill up the cardboard noodle boxes (from Sydney Packaging) using metal scoops ($2each) with whatever candy they wanted to take home for their bonbonniere. The glass jars were from Reject Store (approx $8each) and I spent $100-$200 buying candy in 2kg bulk bags from Campbells Cash & Carry (you need to be a member) and by the end of the night there was seriously nothing left for me to eat!

Mini lollipops in makeshift vase for my ‘flower decorations’ (thanks mother!)

Restaurant innards at Rhodes Phoenix (Level 5 Rhodes Shopping Center, 1 Rider Blvde Rhodes)

Our awesome MC’s Jess and Baz

We duck back outside for our ‘formal entrance’ which uh wasn’t very formal since we played oompa loompa songs as we walked in..


Heh I got mobbed by the aunties

And it’s speech time hullo dad! Bwahaha the Pringles is because of this post

And a speech from my mother in law!

(Photo from Connie) We are powered by energy drinks hehe

Da family. And I did a dress change (Calabro Formal Wear Parramatta, $295) whee I like pink!

Heh heh did ya like Noods’ awesome slideshow? He made it in the week leading up to the wedding with large amounts of cussing because he had to learn how to use the program from scratch haha

We didn’t really have time to eat much but look food!

More food!

And then it’s time for Josh and Will’s speech…

(Thanks Simon for the video)

BWHAHAHAHA oh Jason you should wear skirts more often hahahahahaa

LOL Will, Jase & Josh you guys were awesome! I heard the boys made Noods go home early just so they could stay back and rehearse haha the skit was gold!

I LOVED watching people scoop their candy! What shall it be? Redskins, Fantales, Sherbies, Gummy bears, Strawberries & Cream, Pineapples or Jaffas?

Uni girls look happy with their candy lol

Bowl of candy!

Helen’s speech made me all gooey inside naw <3

Awesome cake made by Amie! 3 tiered cake of fudgy chocolatey goodness topped with giant gummy bears (US$9.95) from

Giant knife!

Ok ok a nicer pic


We didn’t want to do the traditional linking arms and drink wine so we ate the gummy bears haha Noods took a ginormous bite forgetting that he was supposed to do a thank you speech next

And as is Malaysian tradition, a toast by Grand Uncle- Yaaaaaaam sinnnng!


Time for the bouquet toss! I didn’t want to injure anyone so opted for tying ribbons to my lollipop bouquet

Only 1 ribbon was actually tied to the lollipops and the rest of the ribbons I held in my hand

(Photo from Mig) Ready girls?

And the winner is my bridesmaid Shez bwahahaha I swear I didn’t rig it!

(Photo from Melissa) Noods refused to do a dance so I made him do a conga line

(Photo from Mig) I was pretty surprised that we managed to get majority of people to join the conga line haha

Attempting to make our way thru the london bridge of humans

Thanks to our amazing photographers Trish & Joel you guys were freaking awesome!

Lastly, thanks to everyone for all your well wishes! We had a blast and hope you enjoyed reading about it!

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