Battle Royale Food Blogger Style

  28 April 2010

Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a group of people united in their love for food and of taking photos. With Billy, E and Linda at the helm, a group of food bloggers were split into 2 groups- savoury and desserts. The catch? Savoury ppl had to use a fruit in their dish and the dessert ppl had to use a vegetable.

We were designated 15min time limits in the kitchen for those who needed to reheat and/or cook

Billy writing names and order of our dishes for the night

Minh: Pumpkin soup with port melon and vanilla creme fraiche

Richard: Melon Triplets Salmon Tartare

E: twice-cooked orange salt rub pork belly with toffee-crisp crackling, caramelised cherry and brandy glaze, potato and apple mash with smoked bacon and savoy cabbage with smoky bacon.

Simon: Korean fried chicken – twice fried chicken thigh pieces with a pineapple chili sauce

Helen: pork ribs marinated in lychee and soy served with lychee and green olives.

And then there was a pause as we realised we had blown thru 5 savoury dishes within 1 hour. (Edit: i drink Mother because i LIKE it im not pimping it for $$$!)

Dessert time! Da bloggers went a lil crazy and plates were laid out awaiting conga line plating! Haha dessert overload!

Steph: a trio of beetroot – Chocolate & beetroot macaron, beetroot chocolate brownie with beetroot ice cream and a beetroot lollipop with fizzy sherbert powder

Karen: tasting plate of rhubarb – rhubarb financier, Rhubarb mousse gateau, lemon shortbread with rhubarb jam and rhubarb crumble.

Billy: eggplant chocolate tart with candied carrot, purple carrot ice cream with citrus peels and roasted almond

Linda: Caramalised onion panacotta w/ burnt butter ice cream & olive macaron

Shez: Fennel flan with fennel cream with beetroot sorbet and fennel and fennel brandy snap. (Thanks for the photo Richard)

MAH Rainbow Vegie Layer Cake! So i kinda didn’t plan ahead but knew i wanted something colourful, being all natural and not using food colouring. Finally decided on making 3 cakes, recipes via the links: Beetroot & chocolate, Carrot (minus the walnuts), and Spinach cake. I covered the cake in cream cheese frosting because i figured cream cheese frosting should be able to save a 3 layer vegetable cake… i was trying my hardest to keep the icing crumb-free but failing miserably so i was like meh screw it and chucked some edge pieces of each cake into the blender and covered the cake in crumbs hoho hello furry cake!

Innards shot! i LOVED how vivid the green in the spinach cake was! Though not so much the smell when it was baking… it really did smell like i was baking a vegetable cake! The beetroot and chocolate cake was ok though not something i’d make again unless i quadrupled the amount of chocolate used. The carrot cake was carrot cake. i managed to lose my grater so ended up chopping the carrots haha awesomesauce

Carnage! Twas an awesome night with super sugar overload and the geekiness of mini lan party haha thanks so much to E for hosting and to Billy and Linda for organising!

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