adriano zumbo’s 2010 winter collection macarons

  10 May 2010

We interrupt your broadcasting to tell you that the fabulous adriano zumbo’s new winter collection is here! i arrived at 11am on saturday morning but sadly the new range of cakes had yet to arrive. This season’s theme is ‘Feeling the pressure expressing the colour’ Flavour, Simplicity, Warmth by Bartholemew Soarez.” Luckily the full range of macarons were there in all its rainbow coloured glory

Flavours of tastyness! BTW i’m extremely glad he’s spelt macaron WITH ONE O!

Macaron stackage. If i had to paint a room and had to collect colour paint swatches i would use macarons…

And one from up top. Some flavours were a bit hit and miss with me mainly because i have issues with olive, licorice and fennel. But i super loved the custard crunch macaron which had a layer of pop rocks! Snap crackle pop yo! My second fave was the peanut caramel which had a sprinkle of nuts on the top and a whole peanut hidden within a layer of gooey caramel. Another fave was the pumpkin orange risotto which had a similar texture to last seasons rice pudding macaron but not as er bit-y and with a citrusy hit.

And one last shot of macaron innards

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