jackie is an idiot

  22 July 2010

OH HAI! Like my tshirt? It’s from the awesome Billy. And look I’m Asian and holding a giant camera! So about the title of this post… I got this pretty idiotic comment the other day on this post from “Jackie”: Why are all the food bloggers always asian? Even when i went to Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie on the w/e, every asian that was in that line had a professional camera in hand and taking photos like lunatics in there … please note i am asian so its not a racist thing. I just dont get it. Its annoying. We need variety.

Um. WTF??? Immediately my rage was unleashed on twitter land where it spread like wildfire through the blogger community. Seriously does it matter than I’m Asian? Dude I was born in Australia and I love it here Aussie pride all da way! If you don’t like reading my blog because of my Asian genes then go away cos there are plenty of other blogs out there for you. Blogging is a personal thing for all of us so attack one, attack us all. Don’t say you aren’t racist just because you are Asian and saying you need ‘variety’ has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You want variety? Go to a freaking supermarket and knock yourself out with all the ‘variety’.

Edit: time out time out! Comments are getting a lil nasty so i’ve closed them. Play nice kids! Yes some of us hang out with each other heaps and will probably post the same thing a bit too often but when that happens feel free to check out the rest of my blogroll for heaps of other awesome food bloggers! Noone’s forcing you to stay here, that is the beauty of the internet. Jump on by.

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