Masuya, Sydney

  26 July 2010

I <3 aburi salmon. Helen, Dave and I are at Masuya (Basement Level, 12-14 O’Connell St) and there’s just something about the smokey burn-y taste that makes me want to eat platefuls of this super delicious seared salmon. Though at $3.80 per piece it does make my soul cry. But the aburi is awesome. Go now.

The Misoyaki Oysters ($18.80) are baked and smothered in a layer of creamy miso sauce. They were also deceptively piping hot so resist the urge to shuck the whole oyster in one go or find out the hard way ahem Dave&#8230;

There is currently an ala carte tuna menu until 31st July and there is a slight pause as Helen and I glance at Dave after spying the otoro and chuutoro on the menu. Again the $50 pricetag for 6 pieces made me wince but fatty tuna! And medium fatty tuna?! I’d never had before and was surprised at the thickly cut slabs of tuna that arrived. Not sure if I got a dodgy piece but my otoro was surprisingly difficult to eat and I had trouble biting a bit off my slice. I was much happier with the chuutoro which had a more melt in the mouth texture

The Nasu Miso (large, $8.80) arrives and has Dave wondering where the other half of the eggplant went. He loves his eggplant and this is a hit with the table

The Beef Tataki ($13.80) are a bit dry but a dip into the ponzu sauce and all is good

The Jewfish Masuya’s Way (mulloway) ($23) arrives in all its spectacular golden glory, the fillet of jewfish wrapped in thin shards of potatoes and oven baked until crispy. I reckon this would be even more awesome if it were on a stick.

The Wagyu Beef Miso (230g) ($32.80) is a bit of a let down, the slices of beef a bit chewy for a marble score of 6.

By the time the Kingfish Wing Nitsuke ($16.80) arrives we are nearing explodey point. The kingfish is fantastic with sweet delicate meat and I wished I could’ve fit more in

Luckily there is a brief pause between our plates being cleared and somehow we decide to order 4 desserts to share because we can’t decide

The tofu and cream cheese cake ($6.80) is as intriguing in taste as it sounds. The cake is unbelievably light and fluffy, a slightly sour edge is all that i can detect of the tofu.

Zenzai – sweet red bean with rice cakes ($4.80). I am not a fan of red bean so I leave this dessert for the others.

The homemade green tea brulee ($6.80) was awesome with a nice layer of caramelised sugar that we gleefully broke into to reveal a smooth vivid green custard

I love green tea ice cream ($4.50) and Masuya doesn’t disappoint. Smooth and creamy it is a perfect end to the meal. Super thanks to Dave for dinner it was great to catch up and hope to see you again soon!

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