Arlene and Michael's wedding, lunch reception at Ottoman

  28 July 2010

On Saturday I had the privilege of being Arlene’s bridesmaid along with the awesome Shirley and Lisa and we had an absolute blast! It was pretty crazy in the morning getting to Westin hotel to do our hair and makeup and some photos on the super sexy level 6 but unfortch no photos of us running around getting ready haha

We arrive at the Garrison Church to the sounds of bells ringing and get ready to enter. It was my first time being a bridesmaid and let me tell you walking down the aisle first is insanely terrifying especially walking in shoes that weren’t sneakers!

Erm I was more happy than I looked but was concentrating too much on not falling over haha

Made it to the altar without falling over woohoo and now the moment everyone is waiting for… Arlene and her dad!


Apparently there was a no photo rule during the ceremony but there was an awesome candle lighting and the beautiful Amazing Grace was sung and I just about teared up when Michael and Arlene said their vows. I’m so happy for you guys!

Hullo family

Baulko crew- Soph, Jess, Kev, Ev and me

After some photos around the Rocks area the bridal party make our way to Ottoman (Pier 2/13 Hickson Rd, Dawes Point) where the sun streams through the entire restaurant and candles/lights are suspended in vases above our heads.

Instead of a well wishes sign-in book there was a mini chest of drawers filled with awesome old skool postcards to leave a message in the birdcage.

Each guest had a gorgeous sprig of flowers with name card at their seats and the bonbonniere were books of recipes provided by some of the guests

Michael and Arlene make their entrance

Arlene’s mum made her wedding dress and it was so freaking beautiful!

There was a tea ceremony for the family

BAHAHA I couldn’t resist!

My pretty bouquet

Aaand another shot

And now time for da food! Baskets of piping hot, fluffy pide bread arrive

Entree of King prawn with shitake mushrooms & baby spinach; salmon, cray & prawn wrapped in vine leaves and lightly battered; zuchinni flowers stuffed with goats fetta (not shown cos they came later). I loved the lemon and yoghurt sauce that was drizzled over the prawn and could’ve licked the plate clean that stuff was gold! I loved the zuchinni flower which was crisp, light and not at all oily.

Noods was given a vegetarian entree cos he can’t eat prawns and by the time I took a photo of my entree he’d managed to eat everything on his plate WITHOUT SHARING tsk tsk no love!

Alternate servings of Char grilled Wagyu beef served on potato puree, black cabbage and king brown mushrooms. Usually I dread getting the beef at weddings with more than 100 people but was pleasantly surprised that it had not been killed. The beef was cooked a little more than medium but was well rested, super juicy and pretty damn tasty. Wish there was more of it though cos Noods was very reluctant to part with half haha

Char grilled Kingfish served with olive oil braised leeks, carrots and preserved lemon mayo. I wasn’t a huge fan of the mayo and would’ve liked to have more of the lemon & yoghurt sauce from the entree haha but the kingfish was a pretty huge serving

Dessert was a quivering rectangle of kazandibi, a caramelised rice pudding; baklava drenched in syrup and a stretchy dondurma (Turkish ice cream).

Quick snap with my fav photographers in the world- Trish (and Vic) from Tealily Photography

The beautiful wedding cake was made by Shirley and isn’t it a beauty! It was a carrot cake with layers of cream cheese icing oh baby so good

Cutting da cake

Getting ready for the bouquet toss

Ribbons ribbons everywhere!

A cup of tea to end the night and our slice of wedding cake to take home

Uh no photo of Michael with us haha but congrats you guys! I <3 you both and hope you have a fantastic time in the states!

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