Meidi BBQ House, Parramatta – Closed

  25 August 2010


Meat! On sticks! Look at how they turn! It’s quite hypnotising really just staring at the sticks of meat turning by themselves. The boy and I are at the newly opened Meidi BBQ House (Shop 4, 100 Church St, Parramatta) initiating Josh into the magical world of Korean BBQ. Meidi’s bbq buffet of meats is only open for dinner and is a mere $28.80 mon-thurs and $29.90 fri-sun. Service can be a bit dodgy and there is a 2hr time limit on fri-sun so be warned they’ll try and hustle you out haha

Sticks! Look at the sticks! So perfectly arranged! Way neater than the usual jumble of meats at other bbq places hey?

There was wagyu, lamb and chicken all marinated in a slightly spicy marinade, ginormous prawns, sardines and mussels as well as the random chicken hearts and intestines. The rice cakes were fun to grill they became crisp on the outside and mochi like on the inside but I was only there for the wagyu mmm charcoaly fatty wagyu sooo good get in mah belly

There was also a cooked section with bain maries filled with dumplings, corn, clams, sweet and sour pork, tea eggs and miscellaneous vegetables. Interestingly there was no rice. Usually at bbq there’s rice no? I would’ve liked rice. Or a shallot pancake. Mmm pancake..

Insert the stick onto the new fangled contraption and watch as it spins the meat for you! It’s meat tv yo! The charcoal gives the meats an incredibly flavour and smells so freaking delicious that of course you have to put up with certain boys asking ‘Is it done yet? How about now? Ready? Now?” oh gawd

Our pile o sticks. We did good. Did I mention it was buffet? For glory!

There wasn’t much in terms of dessert cept for oranges and self serve ice cream. But hey you’re not really there for dessert right? It’s all about the meat!

I forgot to take a pic of the exhaust pipe thing on each table but it was pretty damn powerful and we didn’t walk out of there smelling like meat mmm meat i want more.

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