Deep Fried Candy

  3 September 2010

Be warned health nuts this post is gonna be full of heart cloggingly, cholesterol laden deep fried goodness! Check out this plate of deep fried Mars bar mmm be still my heart. Every year I wait with breathless anticipation till my favourite eating holiday- Easter. And Easter means the Easter Show. And the Easter Show means deep fried cheese on a stick! So when I saw the recipe for corn dogs aka pluto pups on Angie’s post here I knew straight away I was making these babies and wanted to try deep frying some candy bars while I was at it. And yes I know everything here belongs on thisiswhyyourefat but those book money grubbing suckers ain’t gonna profit from what I make in my kitchen!

Ingredients for the batter:
1 1/3 cups plain flour
1 cup polenta
2 Tbsp baking powder
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp bi-carb soda
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk (yeah you see my pic? You’ll need more milk than that singular mini tetra pack)
1/2 cup cornflour
Wooden skewers (if you don’t want em on sticks no worries)
Oil for frying

Put all dry ingredients (except the cornflour) into a bowl and mix together.

In a large jug/tall jar, whisk the milk and eggs together.

Slowly pour the milk & egg mixture into the dry ingredients and whisk thoroughly. The mixture will thicken but it’s ok cos you’ll be thinning it later before frying.

Now stuff you want to batter and deep fry! I raided the candy supplies in my house and came up with a nice lil selection: Oreos, Snickers, Picnic, Crunchie, Bounty, brie, tasty cheese, jam rolls, lamingtons, icecream, pound cake and Poptarts. I was gonna do deep fried Coke but it didn’t work too well bah I need to go get me some Coke syrup and try again. And maybe beer. And butter…

Spread the cornflour on a plate and roll away

It’s best to roll everything in the corn flour that you’re gonna deep fry now so you don’t have to worry about it later. Check on your batter, if it’s too thick add milk so it becomes like a thick pancake batter.

Heat some oil in a saucepan that is deep enough so your skewered foods will be submerged. Once the oil is hot enough (drop some batter in and if it bubbles it’s ready) dip the candy into the batter, letting any excess batter drip off (or keep it on if you want a thicker coating of batter). Submerge candy in the oil, rotating occasionally so it browns evenly.

Once golden, remove with slotted spoon and place onto paper towels to soak up the excess oil.

Looking back at my pics I think I mustve eaten the tasty cheese on a stick before taking a photo booo but here, look at this sexy shot of my deep fried brie! Gooey, melty, cheesey innards ftw!

Edit: oops can’t believe I forgot to include this pic! But here’s my deep fried chocolate covered almond ice cream Jacq! Deep fried ice cream is so much win!

Here we have dessert plate 1: pound cake, jam rolls and a chocolate chip Poptart

Hullo innards shot! The Poptart was perfect with its warm chocolatey river of deliciousnesss, the jam roll was ok but surprisingly I really liked the pound cake with its slightly salty layer of crunchy batter

Candy bar plate: Bounty, Mars, Crunchie. Biggest disappointment was by far the Bounty bar. I don’t like Bounty normally because I have issues with the coconut and deep frying it didn’t make it better other than the outer layer of chocolate being nice and melty. The Mars bar was awesome as expected, gooey nougat layer melding with gooey caramel layer and encased in gooey chocolate layer. The Crunchie bar was a bit sad cos the honeycomb layer kinda melted away into nothingness. Maybe if I had used a fun sized bar (seriously those mini bars are anything but ‘fun’) instead of chopping the big bar in half and frying then the honeycomb mightve been a pool of happy honeycomb innards. Hm next time?

And my most favourite candy to deep fry was the Oreo! Crumbly biscuit layer, sweet icing middle layer and sprinkled with icing sugar it was just so freaking awesome. I most likely could have eaten about 10 of these babies.

So was it worth all this mess? HELL YEAH! I got over my fear of deep frying and setting my house on fire tho I did make sure I had a lid and a box of bi carb near by just in case my pot of oil went kaboom heh heh. Next time I’m gonna retry making deep fried Coke and I definitely want to try deep fried butter lol any other suggestions dudes?

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