so that was christmas

  26 December 2010

Teehee Santa brought me a giant freaking jar of Nutella! zomg 5kilos of deliciousness! Lol and also a giant freaking mug that holds 2 litres of tasty beverages side note: Noods first saw the giant jar of Nutella displayed at a certain chocolate cafe (starts with st ends oritz) in Darling Harbour shops who offered to sell him an EMPTY jar for $45!! When he gave them a WTF would he want an empty jar they said they could sell him a full jar for $100. Thinking he was being ripped off he passed on their offer and went to Signorelli in Pyrmont and scored a (full) jar for $77. Woot. Signorelli=win

Thanks Santa Noods!

Showing my love by cooking the breakfast of champions! French toast, crispy bacon, garlic mushrooms, and baked eggs in a gingerbread mold hee ♥

Hope you guys are having an awesome holiday! Everything in moderation ya hear 😛

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