Super Easy Crazy Maccas Brekkie

  18 January 2011

Is this not the most ludicrous thing you have ever seen? Ohoho crazy and ridiculous? Yes. But oh baby was it tasty!

OH HAI! So every now and then I get crazy cravings for pancakes and rather than spending a heapload at a certain pancake chain I thought I’d make my own at good ol mickey d’s though it was pretty tough waking up before 10.30am to make it in time for breakfast lol

Stuff you will need for tightass but awesome pancakes: 1 x Hotcakes ($3.55), 1 x apple pie ($2.25), 1 x soft serve cone ($0.50)

You don’t really need step by step instructions do ya? Lols step 1, cut up your pie!

Step 2, top hotcakes with apple pie pieces

Step 3, drizzle on your included maple syrup

And finally, step 4, whack on your soft serve! Tee hee happy Wednesday!

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