Night Noodle Markets, Hyde Park

  17 October 2011

OH HAI!!! Teehee BALLLLLSSSSS! Lol how was your weekend dudes? Oh how I loved the warm weather and hope it is a sign that summer is just around the corner cos like, omgs 68 sleeps till Christmas! Anywhos, the Crave Sydney Night Noodle Markets are back at Hyde Park! It’s the last week they’re on, running Mon-Fri 5-9pm and with the awesome weather looking set to stay for the week you should totally check em out.

Get there before 5.30pm and this is how awesome it is without the queues at the food stalls. There’s heaps of chairs and tables around or bring a picnic blanket and spread out on the grass. Sure the food and drink prices have been jacked up and you could just as easily rock up to their restaurant but hey it’s not every day you can chill in the park with cruisey tunes and try diff resto foods!

I ran from work to meet up with awesome peeps where we popped open a bottle of bubbles and alternated between grabbing food from random stalls and minding our precious table. Chat Thai’s deep fried fish balls on sticks were on the cheaper scale at $3 per stick, and the cendol and jackfruit drink ($6) was coconuty and refreshing.

Next stop was La Mint with grilled scallops ($4 each or 2 for $7) which were juicy plump babies covered in peanut nubbins.

I couldn’t resist their caramelised pork with rice ($13) and woah mama look at that fatty goodness! Not as caramelised as I would’ve liked but I reckon it’s cos I was super early and the porky didn’t have enough time sitting in the wok but no matter it was tasty though the homemade chili sauce pretty much killed off my tastebuds and sent me running for water.

I didn’t try Japancake’s Okonomiyaki ($12) aka Japanese pancake made of vegetables because I have issues with all that texture haha but it was given the thumbs up as did the freshly roasted corn sprinkled with chili powder and smothered in butter.

Back to Chat Thai for the sticky rice and mango ($12) which was of course awesome, the mango was ripe and sweet and tasting of summer.

Cheers! As the night got a bit chilly we grabbed some beer from the Coopers tent ($8 each) to warm us up for the trek back home.

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