Luke Nguyen's Long Lunch, Cabramatta

  1 November 2011

OH HAI! Oh you know, it’s just me and my mate Luke Nguyen hanging out. Hehe over the weekend I managed to get myself over to one of the last Crave Sydney events- Luke Nguyen’s Long Lunch in Cabramatta.

It was a beautifully sunny day, a little too beautiful and sitting under a marquee with a clear roof meant some of us started to melt and some ol skool hats were brought out to save us.

But first, a lion dance! They be staring at me!

Beautifully wrapped Rice paper rolls with prawn and pork from Ngoc An kicked things off, the vivid red of the prawn crying out howdy how about a bite.

A teacup size version of Ngoc An’s Beef Noodle Soup had all of us at the table slurping away and lamenting at the size- please sir we want some more!

Sunnies were a must and Luke Nguyen rocked them like a pro while explaining each dish that came out.

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant had the most amazeballs Peking duck pancake, the slices of duck a lot fatter than normal but oh boy that glorious skin! Need to return to eat my body weight in pancakes!

DIY time with Bau Truong’s Betel leaf and sliced char grilled pork and rice paper platter.

But the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Suckling pig on the spit from Iron Chef! Oh baby why so tasty? Crisp, delicious skin with tender porky flesh, it was roll-your-eyes-to-the-heavens awesome.

Bau Truong’s Beef and green mango salad was a welome sight and I found myself targeting the refreshing mango slices to cut the fattyness of the pork.

Char grilled fish in banana leaf from Bau Truong was perfect, the flesh just fell apart and felt so cleansing under the chopped shallots.

Luke lends a hand

Almost completely stuffed we soldier onto Ngoc An’s Slow braised beef brisket and it was just so freaking tasty but stomach why must you fail me!

A ginormous fruit platter arrives and we are silent as we stare at all its components. Sure is purdy.

Mango pancakes are always a winner with me, they were packed full of cream and fresh mango slices.

Custard egg tarts sends me into a food coma and I need to be rolled down the street.


ChocolateSuze and Noods were invited to the Long Lunch with thanks to Cabramatta Council.

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