Beach trip '11

  21 November 2011

OH HAI! How was your weekend dudes? So in case you didn’t see my flood of instagram pics on twitter, mine was spent with some freaking awesome food bloggers up at the central coast for some much needed r&r.

But first, a pit stop for some snacks and beverages…

We were staying at the very awesome forty-five, the most perfect beach house ever, with 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and with decor like this Tintin statue, giant screen tv, super comfy beds, fluffy rugs, and fully kitted out kitchen.

Mo glasses!

Of course we gotta celebrate the birthday of the one who holds the fork! Hehe it’s a spaghetti and meatballs cake! Happy birthday Helen! Edit: how to make the cake: bake vanilla cake, whip up some buttercream icing and shove in ziplock or piping bag, cut off tiny edge and pipe swirly noodles everywhere. Get Ferrero Rocher chocolate and cover in raspberry jam and plonk in middle and voila!

Cheeeers to the freaking weekend!

Sparklers are so purdy 😀

Day 2 sees Lex whipping up breakfast tacos for the sleepy humans mmm fresh guacamole, scrambled eggs + chorizo, mushroom + pork mince, tomato salsa and of course bacon. Cos we heart our bacon.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

And then hit the beach for some much needed Vitamin D.

Dinner time and Billy has us weeping tears of joy at his glorious 1.4kg of pulled pork deliciousness and roast corn + cauliflower salad.

Midnight munchies means a giant ice cream sundae with Kitkat, Flake, pink wafers, Ice Magic (or in Minh’s words- Magic Mountain) and a generous handful of sprinkles. Battle Royale was our designated drinking game (drink every time someone carks it, see a weapon, someone professes their crush and when there’s a flashback heh)

Thanks to my sporadic naps all day I managed to stay up to see the sunrise but sadly there was waaaay to much fog so all I saw was ahem, moons (/shifty eyes at Lex & Richard lol). Back to the house for some shuteye aaaand then back to the beach for a couple more hours of beach shenanigans.

The weekend draws to a close and it’s game over. Muchas gracias Billy and Pete for having us over, best weekend ever!

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