Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern

  16 July 2012

OH HAI JOSH AND AI! So like, I was pretty devo when news came that Cafe Ish in Surry Hills was closing, /insert weeping at the thought of no more soft shell crab omelets. But then word on the street was that Milk Bar by Cafe Ish was opening up at 1/105 Regents St, Redfern and so I managed to convince the other half to trek into the city with the promise of burgers and milkshakes.

I want caaaandy! Boop boop she boop boop (oh wow remember how terrible Aaron Carter’s version was? And oh geez has it really been 12 years since that song came out?) Ah those were the days… I remember sprinting to my nearest corner shop after school and pressing my face to the glass, staring at all the lollies trying to decide whether to get my money’s worth with the good ol gobstopper or head down the tried and tested waters of chocolate freckles… If only choosing what candy to eat was the hardest decision to make these days!

There’s a jukebox just begging to be played and funnily enough I was watching a girl choose her music selection and rocking out to Cyndi Lauper and then I realised that it was none other than Lee Tran Lam, who writes one of my favourite blogs The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry. Awesome to finally meet you and I challenge you to a game on the arcade machine next time! Also a shout out to Sarah who I spotted on the way out!

Drinks to start us off and I order a beautiful Piccolo ($3) to wake me up and Noods zeroes in on the Super Choc Shake ($7) which was truly incredible- rich chocolate ice cream + Lindt chocolate sauce and topped with a nice thick layer of Milo. Yep totally took sneaky slurps of the shake when he wasn’t looking! Also loved how we got the leftovers that couldn’t fit in the glass mmm more for me. (Here, let’s get another song in your head- Cafe Ish’s milkshake brings all da boys to the yard…)

I was totally gonna get the soft shell crab omellete but instead had to get some fried chicken action! Ai’s Freaking Awesome Chicken Wings ($13) really is FREAKING AWESOME, the lightly battered wings are golden and crisp and we chose the crab sauce over the other choices of vinegar & shallot sauce or hot sauce. Seriously that basket there was demolished in minutes. Totes coming back and not sharing heh.

Not sure why since I’m totes not a porridge type of gal but for some reason I just couldn’t resist ordering the Spiced Vanilla Milk Porridge ($9) which was satisfying with the motherlode of plump raisins studded throughout the creamy porridge and topped with stewed apples but best of all was the jug of jersey cream that I happily swirled in with the honey and chocolate buds. Ok I may have skipped the chocolate buds and eaten them separately…

Aaaaand we might’ve also ordered some burgers haha who can resist a Cheeseburger for only $5?? A juicy patty with grilled onion, oozy cheese and tomato sauce all sandwiched between a light and fluffy bun makes for a happy camper. I sent the pickle over to Noods’ burger who had added the option of turning his burger Japanese ($3 extra) which came with pickled daikon, carrot, cabbage and wasabi mayo. He gave it the thumbs up and then slumped over at how much food we had ordered and wouldn’t let me order any cake hmph

Pastries that I was oh so close to ordering! There be lemon tarts! And flan! And caramel slices! And upside down cakes! I will be back for you I promise!

But of course we couldn’t leave without hitting the arcade game for some PEW PEW time. Super tempted by Mappy, Joust and of course Dig Dug but eventually settled on the classic of Pac Man mainly because I like watching Pac Man chomp away… Milk Bar by Cafe Ish is a winner for me and we’ll definitely be back especially as we hear a peanut butter and jelly milkshake is in the works!

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