The Forresters, Surry Hills

  1 October 2012

ERMAHGERD PORK!!! So like, The Forresters (336 Riley Street, Surry Hills) is ridiculously close to where I work and with Helen and Richard in the hood it makes for good times. Especially during happy hour 😛

Here porky porky porky! Ain’t that one beyoootiful platter of deliciousness? That there is a BBQ Pork From the Pit ($30) which can totes feed 3 hungry peeps.

The pile of gloriously tender meat shreds is just waiting to be shoved into the warm buttered rolls and in case you want it juicier there’s also a bottle of tangy bbq sauce. The Korean salad had a bit of a spicy kick for this chili intolerant noob but the golden fries are pretty damn awesome and makes for my alternate salad.

Oh and then we may have ordered some sides. Like this corn! Hawaiian Corn ($8) may not have been as bursty with liquid sunshine juices as I’d hoped but the crispy bacon and salty popcorn bits more than made up for this especially when smothered in the tabasco mayonnaise and topped with pineapple smidgens.

Moar popcorn? Popcorn Squid ($14) are crunchy nuggets of happiness and irresistible especially with the green peppercorn mayonnaise and popcorn bits.


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