5th Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic 2013

  24 November 2013

It started with crackles. Well really it started with 2 months of preparation with Helen, reading all the food blogs that Sydney had to offer and then attempting to contact them all for our now 5th annual Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic. We tallied a whopping 300+ food blogs in Sydney and received over 100 RSVP‘s. And then the terrible weather rolled in. Weather apps were continuously refreshed, rants over the changes to Eventbrite and debates over backup venues vs rescheduling were had.

Driving from the burbs into the city and all of a sudden the previously cheery sunny weather turned ominous and it began bucketing down with rain. We hoped the weather was a temporary sun storm but then came the booms of thunder. We detoured to Bunnings to buy a whole bunch of tents only to be greeted with lightning as we left the car park and I wondered if we would accidentally electrocute anyone.

Stopped by Mr Crackles who had generously offered to provide the food bloggers of Sydney the world’s biggest cup of crackling. TWENTY FIVE KILOS OF CRACKLING ZOMG!!! I could barely get my arms around this massive cup!! Arrived at Centennial Park and first thing’s first, set up a tent for the cup of crackling! Massive thanks to ex girl scout Rosa, uber optimist Raff and of course Noods for help setting up the tents in Amazing Race lightning speed time!

As soon as the tents were up it was as if Mother Nature knew we were so determined to have this meetup no mater what and the skies brightened and bloggers miraculously started arriving and placing their wares under the food shelter.

Crackle is everyones friend!

As usual there was a looooot of food! Fluffy pandan chiffon cake, white chocolate raspberry muffins, pineapple and coconut cupcakes, salted caramel macarons, chocolate tarts with popping candy, milo marshmallows with chocolate crackles, peach pie, honeycomb, brownie, donuts, popcorn, seeded bread, rice paper rolls, pesto and tomato puffs, deep fried cheese balls, cheesy scrolls, antipasto skewers, fruit skewers, sushi, quiche, chicken wraps, massive cheese platter and oh man SO MUCH MORE!!!

And Simon set up his super popular pop up bar with his famous gin and tonics. Deeeelicious.

YARM CRACKLE. We just couldn’t stop eating the crackles!

Of course what’s a Christmas party without Secret Santa!

EVIL Secret Santa though because it’s so much fun stealing haha

Managed to semi photobomb with my crackle hehe

Thanks for the group photo Simon! It was so lovely to meet everyone, thank you everyone who braved the weather! Keep on blogging guys!

71 Attendees:
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