John Montagu, Woolloomooloo

  15 December 2013

Named after that British dude who supposedly created the sandwich back in the 1700’s, John Montagu (144 Cathedral St, Woolloomooloo) has got you covered for all your sandwich needs. This newly opened cafe is bringing the sexy back for the humble sandwich with some absolutely killer toppings.

The Mushroom Sandwich ($13) is ridiculously tasty, fat field mushrooms are used instead of the usual button mushrooms which is greatly appreciated as I find button mushrooms always go squish. There’s a schmear of garlic creme fraiche, shavings of truffled parmesan and a mountain of rocket leaves piled onto St Honore Bakery’s multigrain bread. The truffled coddled egg is $2 extra (and normally only available on the weekends) but it’s totally worth it for the oozy egg yolk centre. John Montagu sources their free range eggs from Kangaroo Island because they believe a happy chicken makes for a tasty chicken and for tasty eggs.

I’m here with Raff, who only has eyes for the Beef Cheeks Sandwich ($16), thick slices of white bread hug juicy strips of beef cheeks which have been slowly braised for 12 hours in house made veal stock until unctuously tender. Melty cheddar cheese oozes sexily over the beef cheeks and the crunch of the sauerkraut and spanish onion makes this one mighty fine sandwich.

On our second visit, Raff chooses the Petit Breakfast Board ($12), the chorizo cassoulet is just like a warm hug of happiness with its jumble of mixed beans, spicy chorizo, quinoa and amaranth.

I had food envy on my first visit after seeing people next to me eating the Salmon Sandwich ($14) and was so freaking happy I may have done a happy dance after my first bite. The house-cured salmon is phenomenal, smooth and buttery, I could probably eat an entire fish by myself. There was a schmear of dill cream cheese on the rye bread, cubes of avocado and a dollop of briny salmon roe.

Co-owner and chef Raymond Lim is a chatty bloke with an infectious smile, every time a customer walked in he immediately made them feel welcome and explained the menu before ducking back into the kitchen. He’s passionate about the quality of ingredients he uses and visits the fish markets daily to source the salmon.

The Cold drip coffee ($3.50) was the perfect caffeine jolt for the summer heat and the Elderflower and mint soda ($6) which is hand blended on the spot was super refreshing.

Baked goods are sourced from L’eclair, a Japanese patisserie in Mosman.

Ray slipped us a slice of Cheesecake on the house and it pretty much blew my mind with its creaminess and silky texture.

Freshly cut herbs

Grab a seat at the communal table and flick through some mags while you wait, this cafe is already a hit with the locals and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of Sydney’s hordes converge. They’re open during the week 7am-4pm and on the weekends 8am-4pm.

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