Restaurant Hubert, Sydney

  13 June 2016

Bread at Restaurant Hubert, Sydney
Woohoo so birthday month continues with dinner at Restaurant Hubert! Helmed by Dan Pepperell (ex 10 William St), Restaurant Hubert has quickly become one of Sydney’s hottest restaurants in town and it’s not hard to see why! I’d made the booking a month ago back when they were still accepting reservations for groups smaller than 6 and scored the coveted booth table, overlooking the baby grand piano in the main dining room. The fitout of Hubert is like nothing I’ve seen in Sydney! After making our way from street level down a flight of stairs, we pass cabinets filled with hundreds of tiny liqueur bottles before entering the reception area, warmly lit by flickering candles and lamps strategically placed around the room.

So before we start, I’d just like to apologise for the upcoming photos. You see, Restaurant Hubert has the perfect lighting for romantic dates but not so great for people who want to take pics but refuse to use flash aaaand the power went out about midway through our meal so I made do with the candlelight!

And I don’t normally talk about bread but Hubert’s complimentary bread is all kinds of wonderful, with delightfully fluffy innards and a crisp crust. They will happily bring you another basket as soon as they see you’ve demolished the last piece!

Malakoff at Restaurant Hubert, Sydney
The Malakoff ($14) is a must order, it’s a ball of deep fried gruyere cheese with a schmear of Dijon mustard and a couple of slices of dill pickles to cleanse the palate. AND IT IS THE BOMB YO! Seriously though, how can you go wrong with deep fried cheese??? There was no way I was sharing this baby and made sure Noods had one too. After I finished stabbing into the golden crust and devouring every last gooey cheesy strand, I eagerly looked at his plate with the intention of stealing more cheese only to find he was doing the same and staring at my empty plate 😛

Duck liver parfait at Restaurant Hubert, Sydney
The Duck liver parfait ($18) is equally as impressive, the slab of parfait with a layer of maple syrup jelly is rich, creamy and oh so decadent and definitely worth getting another basket of bread to slather it on!

Steak Tartare at Restaurant Hubert, Sydney
The Prime beef tartare ($23) is a generous mound of hand cut Wagyu topside mixed with egg yolk, chives, capers and nubbins of cornichons. I loved the mountain of thinly cut french fries but wished they were thicker so we could scoop up the tartare.

Rangers Valley Flank at Restaurant Hubert, Sydney
We decide to share the Bavette Steak ($42) for our mains and hot damn! This 350g grilled Rangers Valley flank has got to be one of the best steaks I’ve had in Sydney! So incredibly tender with a perfect medium rare center and that disc of Bordelaise butter? Be still my beating heart!

Pommes Anna at Restaurant Hubert, Sydney
Oh and because I love my carbs I had to get a side of Pommes Anna ($12), super crispy potato slices layered in a rich beurre blanc sauce.

Melon en surprise at Restaurant Hubert, Sydney
The desserts menu is short and sweet, we decide we’re too full for anything rich like the Creme Caramel ($18) or the Religieuse au chocolat ($14) and instead choose the Melon en surprise ($22) which quite honestly does surprise me, considering how much I hate coconut in my desserts! The Santa Claus melon is filled with a refreshing young coconut sorbet, melon balls, sorrel jelly and tiny pops of finger lime making it the perfect dessert to wrap up this epic dinner.

Restaurant Hubert, Sydney
I loved the fitout of Restaurant Hubert, the seamless service and the amazing food and am looking forward to returning for the burger on the bar menu!

Restaurant Hubert
15 Bligh St,

Trading Hours:
Mon – Sat: 5pm – 1am

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  1. God I love Hubert, despite the fact they kicked us off our table after 1hr and 20 without letting us order dessert! And second that, can’t wait to go back for the burger!!

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    I really want that malakoff!

  3. How good is the Pommes Anna! Love the vibe here, and super keen to return to the bar here just for the streak frites!

  4. Glad you finally made it :’) This place is probably my current fav in Syd!! Reading your post makes me want to go back again for more hehe. Yay to your birthday month! 😀

  5. irene says:

    Definitely next on the list!

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