Bar Ume, Surry Hills

  28 August 2016

Burgers at Bar Ume, Surry Hills
Burgahs! So if you follow me on Instagram it would seem I’m well on my way into turning into a burger. There’s just so many delicious burgers in Sydney and try as I might, I just cannot resist! Fine dining restaurant Ume Restaurant recently closed in May and have rebranded as Bar Ume with a more izakaya snack focus and a couple of burgs on the menu. Head chef Kerby Craig is well known for his monthly burger popups with queues around the block and I was super keen to finally try them.

Bacon Cheese Burger at Bar Ume, Surry Hills
Let’s start with the Bacon Cheese Burger ($17), a gloriously juicy beef pattie with a rasher of crispy bacon, melty double American cheese, lettuce, onions, rice vinegar pickles with UME’s Special Sauce and housed on a lightly toasted milk bun. Each ingredient ticked all the right boxes and while I usually hate salad in burgers I was fine with this because the lettuce was nice and crisp.

Double Bacon Cheese Burger at Bar Ume, Surry Hills
The Double Bacon Cheese Burger ($20) is much more my jam though, there’s just something about the ratio of that extra pattie and the extra cheese to send me flying to the moon and back. I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT! Look at cheesy ooze! And that bacon! So fricken crispy I’m getting shivers just thinking about it!

Ebi Prawn Burger at Bar Ume, Surry Hills
The Ebi Burger ($15) is a revelation, I’ve never had prawn in a burger before and this did not disappoint! The prawn pattie is crumbed and lightly fried so there’s that earth shattering crunch against the soft, slight bounce of the prawn, a dollop of creamy Japanese tartare sauce and a pile of shredded cabbage. Definitely a contender for new fave burger though next time I might ask for some cheese 😛

Ume Burger at Bar Ume, Surry Hills
I had doubts about the Ume Burger ($15) solely because I have issues with mince being on anything other that spaghetti bolognese. Yeah I dunno, I’m working on it! Anywhos I was pleasantly surprised with this burger, the juicy pattie is made with a Wagyu blend and then there’s a layer of minced Wagyu sauce with fresh truss tomatoes, Spanish onion, Japanese mayo and double Jack cheese. Pretty much everything just worked with this burg, the mince sauce made it super saucy which I like in my burgs (hi Blame Canada) and it’s one I’d order again.

Koji Karaage Fried Chicken at Bar Ume, Surry Hills
Aaand I couldn’t resist ordering the Koji Karaage ($9), Ume’s famous marinated then lightly fried chicken. The coating on the chicken was crispy and not too bready and the innards were perfectly juicy.

Bar Ume, Surry Hills
I’m keen to try the rest of the menu at Bar Ume, the Marinated Hanger Steak sounds the biz and with a specials menu constantly rotating I know I’ll be back stat! Also looking forward to when Ume Burger opens up in Barangaroo in September!

Bar Ume
478 Bourke St
Surry Hills

Trading Hours
Mon — Sat: 11am — 10pm
Sun: 11am — 9pm

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8 thoughts on “Bar Ume, Surry Hills”
  1. Isaac says:

    So keen to go back and try them all!

  2. Hot damn the double bacon cheeseburger looks oozily good!

  3. Hellllooooooooooooooooo Double Bacon cheeseburger!!!!!!!

  4. Ramen Raff says:

    Bar Ume is my favourite joint for burgers right now! Can’t decide which one is my favourite between the double bacon cheese burger and ebi burger. Both of em are so damn awesome!

  5. Ohmygawd – gimme the prawn burger. Wait – gimme two. #need

  6. looks amazing! can’t wait to check it out, esp the ebi burger!

  7. alyssa says:

    Looks yum, but quite expensive when there are so many other good burgers around for cheaper. The prawn one looks good to try for something different

  8. irene says:

    The ebi burger looks so simple yet so yum!

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