Happyfield, Haberfield

  25 January 2021

Sweet stack at Happyfield, Haberfield
It’s been YEARS since I’ve eaten pancakes. I still have very vivid memories of working at a certain pancake chain back in uni years but then I spotted the very instagrammable Happyfield (96 Ramsay Street, Haberfield) and I HAD to go. Just be warned, while they do take your name and number, the wait time for a table can stretch up to an hour if you go on the weekend. Oh and they’re licensed! I highly recommend Yulli’s cider haha #notsponsored

The Sweet stack ($21) is pretty as a picture and comes with 2 pancakes, charred banana, fruit, whipped cream and 100% Canadian maple syrup. And yes it does taste as good as it looks, the pancakes are light and not at all stodgy. I loved the char on the banana and who doesn’t love a drowning of good maple syrup??

Savoury stack at Happyfield, Haberfield
The Savoury stack ($22) comes with 2 pancakes, 2 fried eggs, crispy bacon, Pepe Saya butter and 100% Canadian maple syrup. I love the sweet and salty combo so this is much more my jam. Also Pepe Saya is bomb, I can never have enough butter.

Hashbrown at Happyfield, HaberfieldAll sides are $5 and I couldn’t resist ordering the Hashbrown, which is definitely not like your usual soggy hashbrowns. Instead, Happyfield’s housemade version is golden with perfectly crisp edges and super fluffy innards.

McLovin Muffin at Happyfield, HaberfieldI can’t help but smirk at the name of the McLovin Muffin ($12) but this was my absolute fave and I reckon a must order! Unlike the Maccas version, the chicken sausage patties tasted much lighter and well, less processed. The folded eggs were perfect and melty cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo and chicken and herb salt brought everything together in one delicious package.

Steak and eggs at Happyfield, Haberfield
On a return visit after waiting 1.5 hours (my god never go on a weekend), we ordered the Steak and eggs ($25) off the lunch menu. The grilled flank was a touch over but plenty tasty smothered with the green peppercorn bearnaise. There’s also a hash brown, tomato and grilled gem heart hiding under the fried egg blanket.

96 Ramsay St,

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  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve heard and seen lots of good things about this new kid on the block. can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing

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