Soul Deli, Surry Hills

  7 November 2022
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Soul Deli is a Korean cafe in Surry Hills with the most delicious food as evidenced by the queues on the weekend. We start with a refreshing Jeju green mandarin ade and a Korean pale ale beer and then onto the food!

I always order the buttermilk hotcakes which comes with maple syrup and butter and decided to add on Korean fried chicken for that sweet and salty combo. The hotcakes are always super light and fluffy and the chicken juicy and the batter perfectly crunchy.

We also got the pulled pork kimchi cheese sandwich which is stuffed full of mozzarella and a mexican cheese mix, fried kimchi, pulled pork and served with house made pickles.

The Soul Bowl’s are super hearty and filling, we ordered the Galbi Bowl with garlic butter egg noodles as the base. The Black Angus beef short rib has a beautifully smoky flavour

For desserts the housemade scones are a winner and have the perfect crumb, and also the Korean donuts which comes doused in rice syrup and sesame. Definitely get yourself a jar of kimchi for future you, this is Soul Deli in Surry Hills.

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