Seven Star Pocha, Melbourne

  6 December 2022
@chocolatesuze Finally trying ganjang gejang raw marinated crabs #melbourne #melbournefood #sevenstarpocha #crab #ganjanggejang ♬ Grapefruit – Tove Lo

3 years of watching kdramas and I’ve finally been able to try raw marinated crabs! Ganjang-geiang is a traditional Korean dish that’s made by marinating fresh raw crabs in a mild soy-sauce based brine. Our first dinner in Melbourne was at Seven Star Pocha (previously NaNa Izakaya) solely so I could try these crabs and it was everything I dreamed of and more!

First have a lil taste of the crab and then squish out all the crab meat onto your rice and mix. It’s beautifully savoury, salty and sweet. Once you’re done with the bodies get the hat and pack it full of rice for that ultimate umami hit.

We also ordered cheese corn which comes out on a sizzling hot plate, mentaiko udon that was super creamy and comforting for the soul and I couldn’t resist the cheese hotdog covered in sugar, tomato sauce and mustard. Check out this cheese pull! This is Seven Star Pocha in Melbourne.

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