The Sydney Oyster Farm Tour, Brooklyn

  16 January 2023
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Love oysters? The Sydney Oyster Farm Tour is such an incredible and unique experience that I would highly recommend to everyone. 

Make your way to the pickup point at Mooney Mooney Bridge just 45 minutes north of Sydney’s CBD where an open air boat will take you to the oyster farm leases on the Hawkesbury River. Fair warning, don’t sit at the front or you will be drenched. 

From there our guide shared some information about how the oysters are grown and harvested and we got to have a look at the baby oysters before we arrived at the in water tables.

We donned our waders and made our way to our table where there were prawns and fresh oysters waiting to be shucked. We got a demonstration on how to shuck the oysters and then it was our turn. After a few false starts I finally get the hang of it and the oysters just tasted incredible! Was it because we had to work for our lunch? Or was it because we were literally in the water where there were no seagulls and just the sounds of the river and incredible produce? Either way I had the best time and my parents did too. 

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