Spice World, Sydney Chinatown

  27 March 2023
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Whenever it rains or it starts getting cooler I start craving hotpot. Spice World in Chinatown is one my fave spots, so much so that I ate here twice in the past week so video is combined from these visits.
I always love customising my dipping sauce, there’s suggested combination notes if you’re stuck but I always love a heap of coriander, garlic, sugar, a little chilli paste and sesame oil.

Order your soup base and ingredients off the QR code and wait for the robot to deliver your food but don’t worry waiters are around to help out and deposit everything to your table.

On one visit we optimistically ordered half tom yum base and half the chilli and oh boy mistakes were made. We can normally handle spicy food but this was just off the charts spicy that we had to remove the bear and scoop out the chillis.

But anywhos. All the meats are great quality, the wagyu is always excellent but I also love the fatty lamb slices too. Dip your meat and cook to your hearts content or if you’re lazy like me chuck all into a scoopy ladle and dunk, oh and don’t forget your dipping sauce.

1 love the crown daisy chrysanthemum leaves for some health, they soak up the broth and don’t completely disintegrate and also these fish balls filled with fish roe are a must order. And last but not least an egg, I crack mine into a ladel so that it doesn’t float away.

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