Dawn House, Auburn

  17 April 2023
@chocolatesuze All the meats! #dawnhouse #auburn #sydney #sydneyfood #sydneyrestaurants #kbbq #pocha ♬ original sound – ChocolateSuze

I love all you can eat korean bbg and Dawn House in Auburn is a Korean Pocha-style BBQ and Hotpot and is such great value for $55 per person and is also BYO. Once you pay on the QR code a meat filled grill will be placed at your table with one lobster tail per person as well as a serve of steak cubes that is additional cost if you want more.

Grill to your hearts content and head over to the self serve station for kimchi and additional items like octopus, prawns, cheese stuffed sausages and marinated meats. Staff will happily change your grill if they get too burnt and once you’re done grilling you can request for hot pot time. Pick your soup base, the rose was my fave followed by the signature spicy and then from the self serve station I added mandu dumplings, instant noodles with american cheese and also tteokbokki noodles.

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