HANGANG by Mama Park, Strathfield

  2 May 2023
@chocolatesuze I need more ganjang gejang in my life #strathfield #sydney #ganjanggejang #crab #sydneyrestaurants ♬ original sound – ChocolateSuze

On my search for more Ganjung gejang which are raw crabs marinated in soy sauce I stumbled upon
HANGANG by Mama Park in Strathfield. The banchan is excellent and first out is the sizzling corn with molten cheese followed by spicy soft tofu soup.

We didn’t want to share the crabs so had ordered one each. The taste was just incredible, briny but sweet and just so umami. Squeeze out the crab meat onto some rice and enjoy. Oh and be sure to fill the head with rice and soak up all the juices. We also ordered a plate of the spicy raw crabs and oh boy this is just a flavour explosion, yes it’s spicy but it’s a good level of burning.

We also ordered grilled pork belly which comes with kimchi and onions and staff will help you cook if you dont want to. We cut the pork into bite size pieces so they can caramelise on all edges, I loved the crispy fatty nubbins.

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