Bistro Nido, Sydney CBD

  10 July 2023
@chocolatesuze Bistro Nido in Regents Place has the most delicious roasted duck #sydney #bistronido #sydneyrestaurants #regentsplace #roastduck ♬ original sound – ChocolateSuze

I’m still on my duck hunt in Sydney and Bistro Nido opened about 3 months ago in Regents Place and was next on my list. First up were some Appellation rock oysters, served with shiso jelly and then an aged southern blue fin tuna crudo.

The casarecce pasta with ceps, mushrooms and egg yolk is a hit with the table, the mushrooms have a crazy depth of umami richness. The whole yellow belly flounder is cooked on coals and comes with a ridiculous addictive fermented chilli butter.

We also had to get the Hibachi grilled Murray Cod with a buttery saffron sauce and check out this potato mille-feuille with gloriously crispy edges.

The star of the show was the roasted duck breast with pickled Kyoho grapes, it was just cooked so incredibly well. The meat was so juicy and tender and the fat had been rendered perfectly so that the skin was beautifully crisp.

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