Gimlet, Melbourne

  14 August 2023
@chocolatesuze My first visit to Gimlet in Melbourne so you know what that means? It’s lobster time! #melbournefood #melbourne #gimlet #lobster #melbournerestaurant ♬ original sound – ChocolateSuze

Tell anyone you’re going to visit Gimlet in Melbourne and chances are they will immediately nod and say ‘get the lobster’. We start with some cocktails and get the Gnocco fritto with bresaola and parmesan cream to start and then the lobster show begins!

The ⅓ WA rock lobster is wood roasted and comes with saffron rice. The lobster is presented to us first for photos and then carefully deshelled table side. Once the meat is removed the juices are poured onto the rice and the lobster is laid back. The fragrance of the lobster in the rice was so incredible and loved the crispy bits on the bottom of the pan. The lobster was good, smoky and sweet though it was a touch towards the drier side.

We also ordered the wood roasted garfish with caviar sauce which was so beautifully cooked and just perfect, I could’ve eaten this forever.

For dessert there was gingerbread and the most refreshing mandarin gelato and also the almond milk and meyer lemon gelato with caramelished brioche

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