About ChocolateSuze

I am Susan Thye. Aka ChocolateSuze. Sydney, Australia. This is a food and lifestyle blog. I like cheeseburgers, cake, bacon and fried chicken.
Email: susan@chocolatesuze.com Instagram/Twitter/TikTok: @chocolatesuze

Howdy! And welcome to my lil corner. My blog has restaurant reviews, the occasional recipe, or a post about my travel. I like quirky stuff like building a colosseum out of Tim Tams or making a 5kg Wagon Wheel.

I started my blog in 2001 when I was looking for a distraction from school. It was filled with the usual teenage angst and then because of my goldfish memory I started blogging about my classes at uni which happened to be food oriented aaaand so the story begins.

I don’t pretend to be a writer or a photographer I just want to share with the world my experiences and things that make me laugh. Drop me a line or leave a comment 🙂