Chocolate bowls

11 December 2009, 08:50

A chocolate bowl! That’s right it’s made of chocolate! And filled with cubes of brownie, a handful of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate shavings mmm would you believe I made these bowls using balloons? I was totally fascinated after seeing this and thought hey that looks like fun without stopping to think about my dislike of popping balloons…

So I wanted about 20 chocolate bowls so grab some balloons and blow them up to the size you want your bowls to be. I used normal sized balloons. Water balloons may seem like a great idea if you want small bowls but they do not like being dipped in chocolate!

Melt some chocolate over a double boiler. I didn’t have 2 pots that were similar size so I heated the chocolate very very slowly over low heat stirring constantly to make sure the chocolate didn’t burn. I used about 1kg of chocolate for 20 bowls, made in 2 batches. Now the important part: leave the chocolate to cool! Pour into a bowl with a wide mouth and stir every couple of minutes. Do not attempt to dip balloon into chocolate that is hot or it will explode!

Lay out some baking paper.

Check your chocolate- is it still hot? Do not dip! I waited about 15mins for the chocolate to cool. Then grab a balloon and dip halfway and place on the paper. Don’t try and shake off excess chocolate because you want the excess chocolate to flow down and form a base for your bowl.

Hee balloons in a row. Let the chocolate on the balloons harden, if you’re short for time stick them in the fridge for 10minx MAX. Any longer and the chocolate will be hard to remove from balloon.

Time to stab your balloons! Using a knife didn’t really work and I had to use scissors which turned out to be good for my fear of the popping because it lets our the air with a whoosh than a pop. Carefully pull the balloon away from the bowl. Some of them disintegrated as soon as I stabbed them because the layer of chocolate wasn’t thick enough especially at the top edge.

Ack such a mess! But bowls galore! If there are any holes at the base of the bowl just patch them up with some chocolate

So fill your bowl with brownie pieces. I used this recipe

Add a handful of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries

A nice scoop of ice cream

And finally some chocolate shavings! Maybe next time (hah!) I would make a fudge or chocolate sauce mmm

Ahh so preeettty no? I used double cream at Ellie’s party

Heh last shot I promise

Remnants of balloon and chocolate explosion. After dipping 20 normal sized balloons successfully I thought I’d dip a water balloon for a mini bowl and POP the freaking balloon exploded and there was chocolate everywhere! This pic only shows the floor but ohmyfreakinggosh there was chocolate everywhere on the bench, on stove, on the walls and on me! Haha it just had to happen on the last balloon too! Ah wells it’s funny looking back I guess…



  1. hahahaa! I love the “next time (hah!)” because ohmygoodness so many fears in one. They look oh-so-purty though :)

    shez    Dec 11, 09:04 AM    #

  2. That is the most delicious but crazy idea I’ve ever seen! But I think I’ll leave the chocolate bowls to you, I hate popping balloons as well….

    Jacq    Dec 11, 09:39 AM    #

  3. So cool!

    joey@FoodiePop    Dec 11, 09:53 AM    #

  4. Whee so awesome! Aww I was hoping to see a full choc explosion :P Such a great way to serve icecream, I’ve gotta try it sometime!

    Steph    Dec 11, 10:09 AM    #

  5. freakin’ awesome! :D

    are there any photos from when the balloon exploded? :)

    goosmurf    Dec 11, 10:24 AM    #

  6. I love this, it’s very mad scientist meets chef.

    Rose    Dec 11, 10:27 AM    #

  7. These were so very elegant, a contrast to the mayhem involved with their production. I would never have been game to make these – the threat of exploding chocolate. Gahh! Love all your production shots though!

    Helen (Grab Your Fork)    Dec 11, 10:33 AM    #

  8. THIS is the post I’ve been waiting to read! But I was hoping for a chocolate-covered chocolatesuze photo =p

    mademoiselle délicieuse    Dec 11, 10:37 AM    #

  9. These were amazing! A really beautiful dessert. The berries were a nice contrast to the chocolate. I’d like to try them, but I’m kinda nervous haha.

    Lisa    Dec 11, 10:44 AM    #

  10. What a fun process making these balloon choc cups. They are yummy too with the brownies and berries. Try double dip (dry the 1st layer and dip in the chocolate and dry again), so the choc cups won’t be so easily breakable.

    Ellie    Dec 11, 12:44 PM    #

  11. omg where have you been all my life!! i am just drooling over these wonderful foodie photos!!

    very pretty and yummy dessert

    ann    Dec 11, 01:53 PM    #

  12. this is so clever! balloon… who would have thought? :)

    billy@ATFT    Dec 11, 01:53 PM    #

  13. I was lucky enough to try one of these genius chocolate bowls… not only did they look so cute – they were also very yummy. Too bad I was so full or I would have eaten more!

    Trissa    Dec 11, 10:00 PM    #

  14. What a pain with the water balloon! Had to be the last one, the one you didn’t really need for the party to cause all that mess.

    Great post and a nice idea as well :)

    Simon    Dec 11, 10:54 PM    #

  15. These are brilliant! I love edible containers/cutlery hee hee but where is the chocolatesuze covered in chocolate shot :P?

    FFichiban    Dec 11, 10:54 PM    #

  16. Bravo! I was wondering how you made the base of the bowl and now I know. The whole process is fascinating (with a tinge of danger – love it).

    Belle@OohLook    Dec 11, 11:44 PM    #

  17. Where’s da pic of chocolatecoatedsuze?

    — Viv    Dec 12, 12:41 AM    #

  18. A bowl you can eat what more can you ask for. It would have been a mess to make but just think about the fact that you wont have to wash anything after :)

    Katherine    Dec 12, 07:24 AM    #

  19. WOW. I tried and didn’t do so well!

    Julie    Dec 14, 01:36 AM    #

  20. shez: lol yeah not sure if ill be making these again any time soon!
    jacq: is it the sounds? im both afraid of the sound and of the pieces that go flying
    joey: thanks!
    steph: lol i was too angry to take a photo of the mess hehe
    goosmurf: lol sadly no because i was too busy cursing at myself haha
    rose: haha yeah i dont like doing things the normal way haha
    helen: yes and you know me + mess makes my eye twitch hehe
    mademoiselle délicieuse: lol um next time?
    lisa: aw thanks dude! i would suggest dipping the balloon in choc in a sink or better yet, OUTSIDE haha
    ellie: i think i might try your idea using silicon cups! much less worrying hehe
    ann: haha aw shucks :P
    billy: clever.. or crazy…
    trissa: haha thanks dude! yeah they were a bit big i think might try cupcake size next time!
    simon: i reckon! such a trouble maker!
    richard: lol i got chocolate on my camera too!
    belle: haha you like a little danger hey?
    viv: lols maybe next time hehe
    katherine: ah thats true!
    julie: oh noes what happened?

    — chocolatesuze    Dec 16, 12:59 PM    #

  21. hey im shamayia ok u rock i love chocolate so much so so so so so sso so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much you are so AWESOME i love CHOCOLATE,CHOCOLATE is so yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ilove chocolate

    you rock you rock you rock you rock i love you for making chocolate such a nice thing you are


    shamayia    Mar 29, 12:24 PM    #

  22. Ahh… I just tried these tonight with water balloons and EVERY SINGLE ONE burst!! So frustrating. Going to go out and buy more chocolate and regular balloons tomorrow morning to try again and fingers crossed. I need them for a dessert for tomorrow night so I’m really hoping they work.

    Might need to make 100% certain that the chocolate is cooled because maybe that was part of my issue also.

    Thanks for the post!

    Jodes    Apr 6, 09:16 PM    #

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