O Crab, Chatswood

13 April 2015, 01:22

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O Crab, Chatswood - Crab boil
Ever since I went to the famed Boiling Crab in LA I’ve wished there were more crab boil joints in Sydney. I love House of Crabs but I was super excited to hear about O Crab opening in Chatswood and dragged the boy and bonus addition of Baz (HEY BAZ!) for lunch on their opening day.

O Crab, Chatswood - Fresh bread
But first some complimentary house made bread with a houmous and olive oil dip.

O Crab, Chatswood - O Crab Seafood Chowder (Lunch special $10)
The O Crab Seafood Chowder (Lunch special $10), arrives piping hot with a jumble of mussels, prawns and cubes of salmon lurking in the depths. The broth is rich, creamy and just perfect for this cold snap Sydney has been experiencing recently. We tear off chunks of the crusty bread bowl to dip into the broth, fighting over the remnants and wish that it was a never ending bowl.

O Crab, Chatswood - Buffalo Chicken Wings ($10)
I’m always keen for Buffalo Chicken Wings ($10) and while the meat was tasty enough they were a tad dry and I was sad that they weren’t covered in the usual sticky buffalo sauce or that there wasn’t ranch or blue cheese sauce to dunk into.

O Crab, Chatswood - It's hammer time
And then a bucket of cutlery and bibs are placed on our table and we smile knowing that soon it will be HAMMER TIME!

O Crab, Chatswood - Crab boil
It’s all about the crabs! So pick your crab of choice- Blue Swimmer ($25/crab), Snow Crab ($25/cluster) or Mud Crab (Market price, atm it’s $95/crab) and then pick your sauce of either Ultimate Original Old Bay, Garlic Butter, Justin’s Special Chilli or you can have it Steamed Natural which comes with ponzu dip. The crabs come out in plastic bags and you can dump the contents onto the butchers paper lined tables but we chose to keep them enclosed so we didn’t lose any of the precious sauce.

O Crab, Chatswood - Snow Crab in Justin’s Special Chilli Sauce
The kitchen sent us out a complimentary bag of Snow Crab in Justin’s Special Chilli Sauce, we’re not sure if it’s because we’re their first customers on opening day or if it was a mistake but woohoo free crab! Our hearts sing with happiness when we tear open the bag and thwacked at the legs with our hammers before extricating the sweet sweet flesh. The chilli sauce isn’t off the scale burning but just the right amount to set your lips a-tingle. And that crab meat! It’s just so beautiful, so perfect and fresh!

O Crab, Chatswood - Blue Swimmer Crab in Justin’s Special Chilli Sauce
I was super happy that the Blue Swimmer Crab in Justin’s Special Chilli Sauce was pretty fleshy as blue swimmers can usually be a pain to eat but these guys were awesome and made working for your food that much more rewarding.

O Crab, Chatswood - Snow Crab in Garlic Butter
The Snow Crab in Garlic Butter is fan fricken tastic, as is anything in garlic butter really and we couldn’t help but dunk everything in sight into the rich garlic butter. This was insanely tasty and it is just so satisfying seeing if you can manage to get the flesh from an entire crab leg all in one juicy piece!

O Crab, Chatswood - Prawns in Old Bay (500g/$30)
We also had Prawns in Old Bay (500g/$30) and as much as I liked the tangy sauce, the prawns didn’t quite stack up as well against the beautiful fresh crabs.

O Crab, Chatswood - Shoestring Fries ($7)
Oh and we also ordered a side of Shoestring Fries ($7) and even though they look more like normal fries we’re happy that they’re golden and crunchy and perfect for swiping at the garlic butter sauce.

O Crab, Chatswood - Interior
O Crab has a pretty tasty looking list of cocktails on the menu and one side of the restaurant looks set up as the perfect location for after work drinks. I will definitely be back because I want to try the rest of their menu which runs from burgers to ribs and mussels and crab rolls!

O Crab, Chatswood
There’s not much signage to the restaurant but basically if you’re coming from Chatswood station, turn left and left again at The Steam Engine coffee joint, make your way past the queues at Tim Ho Wan, down Railway Street past ‘Eat Street’ where Mamak is, cross the lights and look for a brown horse on the right. O Crab is located in the building and up the stairs to the left of the horse!

O Crab Sydney on Urbanspoon

O Crab
Suite 2/9 Railway St

Trading Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tues – Thurs: 11am – 3pm, 6pm – late
Fri – Sun: 11am – late

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Dr Faustus, Surry Hills

6 April 2015, 23:05

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Dr Faustus, Surry Hills - Dr Faustus burger
With all the burger joints popping up you would think I’d be sick of burgers by now but nay. I love a good burger! So when Dr Faustus (380 Cleveland St, Surry Hills) opened just a short walk away from work I knew I had to check them out. The Dr Faustus burger ($15) has a ridiculously juicy patty made of chuck and brisket, secret sauce, melty American cheese, pickles and housed in a fluffy milk bun. I wasn’t a fan of the sad bits of lettuce hiding on the bottom but this was easily extracted and discarded but I loved the super generous pile of golden fries and barely managed to make a dent in them.

Dr Faustus, Surry Hills - Our Way BLT
The Our Way BLT ($14) is quite a sight, the triple decker sandwich is stacked high and skewered together with a pickle. The BLT isn’t quite what we were expecting though, the bacon isn’t in rasher form but minced instead with onion and foie gras “smear” and the overall taste and mouth-feel made me feel like I was kinda eating a super rich pork floss sandwich? My visit was about a month ago and I’ve seen other pics where you get a wedge of lettuce on the side but ours came with crispy fries which was good for us because we love our deep fried carbs.

Dr Faustus, Surry Hills - Welsh Rarebit
I didn’t know what a Welsh Rarebit ($13) was and blindly ordered this without googling but basically it’s bread covered in sauce and cheese. The Dr Faustus version has a rich Guinness béchamel sauce, melty aged cheddar and Worcestershire sauce and I added an egg ($3) because hey, I love eggs. I got a tad angry when I was cutting into the bread and the paper beneath disintegrated and mixed with my food so in the end I just picked up a slice and munched away haha I’m all class.

Dr Faustus, Surry Hills - Taco Salad
The Taco Salad ($15) is presented in a tall hipster jar and Caitlin is instructed to shake it so all the ingredients mix and get coated with the chipotle dressing. Interactive lunch! The jar contained ground chicken, crisp romain lettuce leaves, olives, corn kernels, tomato, avocado and came with a cup of tortilla chips to scoop everything up. As much as I loved the presentation of the salad I reckon it would’ve been best if they’d also given us a plate so we could tip out the contents when we got to the bottom of the jar cos it was pretty impossible to get at the remnants.

Dr Faustus, Surry Hills - Zucchini fritters
We also scored a complimentary serve of Zucchini fritters ($9) that was a special of the week thanks to the benefits of following restaurants on Instagram woohoo! I’d had visions of a flat type of fritter but instead they were round and reminded me of falafels with a crunchy exterior and soft fluffy innards.

Dr Faustus, Surry Hills - Robert Allenby, an iced coffee with a citrus twist
Dr Faustus has a whole range of Cereal Milk drinks ($9) from Nutri Grain to Milo and Coco Pops but because I have to watch how much dairy I ingest I opt instead for the Robert Allenby, an iced coffee with a citrus twist. On another visit I try the Arnold Palmer which has equal parts of house made iced tea and lemonade and is super refreshing.

Dr Faustus, Surry Hills
How awesome is the fit out? The space used to be a pharmacy and the boys have kept the storage cabinets intact. They also get a supply of my fave donuts from Glazed so I forsee many a visit back!

Dr Faustus on Urbanspoon

Dr. Faustus
380 Cleveland St,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Trading Hours:
Mon – Sun: 9am – 3pm

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Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015

30 March 2015, 02:35

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Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  ChocolateSuze cheese on a stick
I absolutely love the Royal Sydney Easter Show! It’s a nostalgia thing with childhood memories of fairy floss, the bright lights of the rides and the massive amounts of junk food consumed. The main reason that I go is that my most favourite food in the world can be found- deep fried cheese on a stick! Yes it’s bad for you but c’mon you’re at a carnival, how can you resist the call of fried foods on a stick?

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Deep fried cheese on a stick
Mmm cheesy :D At $5 a pop they’re not cheap but then again, it’s pretty much a given that everything here is pricey. Oh and you might as well get a lemonade ($5) too because walking around seeing stuff is mighty thirsty work!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  coke in a boot
Or you can get a soft drink in a ridiculous boot ($12).

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Corn
The usual suspects are back, like the corn stall where you can get juicy corn on cob slathered in butter and doused in salt & pepper plus the guarantee that you will get corn kernels stuck in your teeth no matter how carefully you gnaw away.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  strawberries
I didn’t eat here but I always love staring at how pretty in pink their stall is!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Twisted Fries
The music at Twisted Fries drove me batshit bananas while standing in the line! It’s the same let’s twist again song over and over and over and wow if I had to work there or in the general vicinity I would seriously invest in ear plugs. But hey their fries are pretty amazing, golden and crispy and just begging to be drowned in your sauce of choice.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  wood chopping
I had deliberately planned on going to the Easter Show on Saturday which was the day that everyone had to vote and we had also arrived just on 9am which meant- NO FRICKEN QUEUES! Seriously it was the best day ever! We got seats everywhere, there were barely any crowds which meant no rage issues! Past years I’ve barely seen the wood chopping because it’s always been too packed!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  pigs and piglets
Then we headed over to check out the cattle and were amused to see them being groomed with a vacuum cleaner, passed the alpacas and onto the pigs and their piglets.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Farmyard Nursery (entry via Food Farm)
The Farmyard Nursery (entry via Food Farm) was awesome and freaking massive! It was a little unnerving how all these animals were just roaming around looking for pats and a feed- you can buy cups of pet food for $1. There were baby lambs, goats, ducks, chicks, puppies and bunnies!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  ducklings
Nawww so fluffeh!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  hatching
What species is this? You breed raptors?? Lol my bad that’s a Jurassic Park reference :P

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Sydney Royal Horse Competition at the Spotless Stadium
Checked out the Sydney Royal Horse Competition at the Spotless Stadium.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Dinosaur Ice World in the Davidson Plaza
The Dinosaur Ice World in the Davidson Plaza was pretty fun esp for Noods who’s a bit of a dinosaur lover hehe there was a bit of queue to get in but the line moves fast and there’s an area where the kids can have a go at chipping away at a ‘fossil’.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Dinosaur Ice World in the Davidson Plaza
Life-sized Woolly Mammoth!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Sydney Royal Beer and Wine Garden
Break time! We were near the Sydney Royal Beer and Wine Garden and were going to do the beer tasting except we’d tried all the beers so settled for getting a glass or two from Matilda Bay.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Turkey legs at Bodean’Z’ BBQ Grill
The smell of meats drew us over to Bodean’Z’ BBQ Grill…

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  giant turkey leg ($12)
Behold! A giant turkey leg ($12)! Reminded me of Six Flags in LA! They also had pork hocks and those things were massive!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  oysters
Headed over to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome and got a half dozen oysters which were plump juicy specimens.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  District Exhibits
After buying a whole lotta jerky and biltong we ogled the meticulously placed fruit and veg displays at the District Exhibits.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  District Exhibits
Seriously, these displays must takes ages to make!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Country Women’s Association Tearoom
And then onto the Country Women’s Association Tearoom where all the money raised by the volunteers at the CWA throughout the Show goes into rural and regional parts of Australia.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  CWA scones
The CWA scones ($5) are always so light and perfect! And then I find out later that they actually use packet mix and I felt my belief in the system shattering… Although to be fair to pump out that many scones to feed everyone is pretty insane. Edit: yes the volunteers use packet mix but apparently the CWA send their recipe to a supplier who pre-mixes the dry materials, which they bring in packets to the Show.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Lion Cake decorating
Not sure if this is a recent thing but fyi all the cake, jam and biscuit displays have moved to the Arts and Crafts Pavilion. How amazing is the detail on this one!?

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  showbags
Then off to the Showbag Hall where there seem to be an endless amount of Frozen, Home and Adventure Time bags available. I scored the Pacman bag because it came with an awesome towel woohoo!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Mega slide
Over on the games and rides side I was so fricken amused and impressed that someone has finally put a freaking ESCALATOR for the giant slide! No more trudging up the stairs like plebs!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015-  Clowns
Aaaand that’s it for another year! I will see you again my beloved cheese on a stick! The Sydney Royal Easter Show is held 26 March – 8 April 2015 at the Sydney Showground in Sydney Olympic Park. Get there early (gates open at 9am) to avoid the queues!

ChocolateSuze received complimentary entry tickets to the Sydney Royal Easter Show but paid for all food, rides and games.

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