Super Easy Creme Egg Brownie

8 April 2012, 22:18

Ok so, I’m totally cheating. The recipe I used is the same as my Super Easy Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Brownie Recipe. But hey man it’s such an awesome recipe! Fudgey brownie topped with an easter egg makes for the perfect dessert when you find yourself with an excess of chocolate. And yes there is such a thing as I soon found out when I stocked up on discounted chocolate and went a lil crazy haha

So obviously instead of the PB cups I cut up my choice of chocolate, which just happened to be my excess stash of mini Creme Eggs which sadly weren’t very gooey in the centres but no matter for they will be melty once baked.

Hope you guys had a tops Easter weekend! Also, I am much better now thanks to Vitamin D and glorious amount of sleep oh and here’s the link again here to make the brownie :D



  1. When I lived in Malaysia chocolate eggs looked like such a luxury good because it was so foreign. Today on a chocolate craving I went into the store with the intention of getting some eggs but walked out with a block of chocolate instead. Just because I’m totally Asian and I was getting more chocolate for my money in block form lol. I think PB cups > Creme eggs but I really wouldn’t complain if I got either of them brownies right now :>

    secretsunday    Apr 8, 10:31 PM    #

  2. Boo about the lack of gooey centres but yay for a pretty crackly brownie surface :D Delish!

    Steph    Apr 8, 11:45 PM    #

  3. These are perfect :) I’m deinitely going to make these brownies because I got so many creme eggs for easter they’re my favourite type of easter eggs and each year I just eat so many of them it’s a bit disgusting LOL

    Thanks for sharing~

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet    Apr 9, 03:22 AM    #

  4. yum! these look like the perfect easter treat.. i can’t wait to go crazy at the easter chocolate sales haha

    Christine    Apr 9, 09:50 AM    #

  5. I love the crackled sides on the brownie!

    Food is our religion    Apr 9, 12:39 PM    #

  6. OMG yum!!

    Sophie @ teathyme    Apr 9, 04:49 PM    #

  7. OMG YUM! they look absolutely fantastic!

    gastronomous anonymous    Apr 9, 06:35 PM    #

  8. Oh man the brownie looks so tempting and the gooey innard is just over the top! I can’t wait to buy some discounted chocolate tomorrow haha! I’m such a cheapie :P Glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

    Emily    Apr 9, 07:50 PM    #

  9. im glad you’re beginning to fee better suze, although I think the magic of cream eggs is always a secret cold fighting weapon! These brownies look great but i’m surprised at the lack of filling in the eggs? Isn’t there normal more? Or are cadbury skimping this year?

    Katie    Apr 9, 10:52 PM    #

  10. This looks super awesome, love creme eggs!!

    missklicious    Apr 10, 12:11 AM    #

  11. I still imagine that recipe working well with any chocolate. No better way to celebrate Easter than with something super chocolatey :) Hope you had a great easter x

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Apr 10, 09:23 AM    #

  12. Glorious sleep! I needs me some of that. I also needs me some of this brownie!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Apr 10, 11:25 AM    #

  13. What a clever way to get rid of all them Easter eggs I have! shocked that I still have any I know… LOL

    Adrian (Food Rehab)    Apr 10, 06:10 PM    #

  14. haha i think that’s choc overload for me but would be good with some vanilla icecream :)

    Vivian - vxdollface    Apr 10, 06:57 PM    #

  15. You can never make too much of this brownie. I would like to see you revive this on every holiday! Rum Balls at Christmas….

    Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy    Apr 10, 07:21 PM    #

  16. Shows that a great recipe can only be improved with the deliciousness of Easter eggs! This looks brilliant!!

    Anna @ the shady pine    Apr 10, 08:18 PM    #

  17. looks like you had a great easter with that to eat! yum

    muppy    Apr 10, 08:35 PM    #

  18. What a great idea. I love it. How decadent and delicious. I’ll have two slices thanks xx

    Hotly Spiced    Apr 11, 09:13 AM    #

  19. UGH I LOVE EASTER!!! So much chocolate and the creme eggs are totally the best bit

    Nic@diningwithastud    Apr 11, 04:53 PM    #

  20. Oh my. this is almost too much! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Gastronomy Gal    Apr 14, 09:40 AM    #

  21. yum yum yum

    Erin@TheFoodMentalist    Apr 14, 06:41 PM    #

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