Super Easy Chocolate Coated Pretzels

27 June 2012, 22:41

So like, I dare not call this a ‘recipe’ because it’s just so freaking easy! I got home after work and was feeling snackish but couldn’t decide if I wanted something sweet or savoury. Grabbed a bag of pretzels and thought well hey now pretzels coated in chocolate would be sooo good right about now…

And kaboom! Too easy. Seriously guys, world’s easiest snack ever and absolutely love the sweet salty combo! Only problem is waiting for the chocolate to cool before you’re able to grab a handful and munch in front of the teevee.

Heh this is all you need! Bag of pretzels and some chocolate!

Break chocolate into pieces and nuke in microwave on 15 second bursts, stirring until chocolate is nice and melted.

Prep your area bahahaha

Using chopsticks or skewers, dip pretzels into melted chocolate and gently shake off excess chocolate.

Place chocolate covered pretzel on wire rack and repeat!

Tray of deliciousness! Leave the pretzels for a bit so the chocolate can harden before placing in an air tight container. Or… EAT THEM ALL!



  1. Omg amazeballs!!! :) you have the most awesomely insane ideas! Great work!!

    Kiki @ simplykiki    Jun 27, 11:03 PM    #

  2. Drool!!! That looks delish Suze! x

    Stella    Jun 27, 11:53 PM    #

  3. It’s baked, not deep fried and coated with Lindt 70%dessert cocoa…. must be good for you!

    — @alwayseating    Jun 28, 12:01 AM    #

  4. shazaam! me and kid had just this afternoon been discussing making these during the school holidays. i believe we are making the fancy version though — ie. with sprinkles!

    ragingyoghurt    Jun 28, 12:47 AM    #

  5. Sweet and salty is my favourite kind of delicious.

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jun 28, 03:18 AM    #

  6. Oh yum… I love prezel M&Ms but these are actual pretzels dipped in Lindt – GENIUS! Would love a JAR of these next to me, to get me through this week!!

    Maria @Epicuriously    Jun 28, 10:39 AM    #

  7. You’re making eating yummy things a little too easy! Actually, I recently had pretzels that were half dipped in chocolate, and then had caramel drizzled over them. I was in a pleasant food coma after only two. Yum.

    vanessalillian    Jun 28, 10:58 AM    #

  8. I love the salty and sweet combination. So simple and classic. Definitely craving pretzels now!

    ATasteOfMadness    Jun 28, 11:00 AM    #

  9. all too easy teehee kinda like royce chocolate and chips!

    Vivian - vxdollface    Jun 28, 12:49 PM    #

  10. hahahahaha! Not sure I could go to these lengths if I just wanted a salty-sweet snack.I’d do a pretzel, followed by a square of choc. Pretzel, square of choc. Pretzel, square of choc. Pretzel, square of choc.

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Jun 28, 12:59 PM    #

  11. NOM NOM NOM… Ok, so my thoughts are: “how quickly can I get to the shop after work tonight to have these ready for an immediate home time snack?”

    Amanda    Jun 28, 01:58 PM    #

  12. Too easy! They’d be great with dark choc, too. Or maybe barbeque shapes instead of pretzels? Hmmm… :P

    OohLookBel    Jun 28, 03:28 PM    #

  13. Um – DELICIOUS!!!!!!! What a great idea!

    Lisa (bakebikeblog)    Jun 28, 03:44 PM    #

  14. How good do they look? I love the combination of chocolate and pretzels. I reckon I would eat that whole lot up in 5 minutes flat!

    Spencer    Jun 28, 05:39 PM    #

  15. Love these! The mix of salty and sweet is pretty much my favourite. I make these at Christmas and sprinkle red sugar on them to make them festive!

    SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa)    Jun 29, 11:41 AM    #

  16. Perfect TV snack :)

    Nic@diningwithastud    Jun 29, 01:50 PM    #

  17. Oh looks good and really easy to make. XDD

    L    Jun 30, 02:27 AM    #

  18. Will you be making yoghurt covered pretzels soon?

    Ragingcravings    Jun 30, 08:49 PM    #

  19. Did not realise that Lindt had specialty cooking chocolate! Great “recipe” I love lazy yet effective ways to make things :D

    excusemewaiter    Jun 30, 10:15 PM    #

  20. Yum! They look like the perfect movie snack to make at home

    appleinabun    Jul 1, 11:38 AM    #

  21. Going to sanchurros my favourite was always pretzels with chocolate for the fondue… Yum!

    tastyfoodsnaps    Jul 3, 12:12 PM    #

  22. Now that’s my kind of recipe. Two ingredients & 2 seconds to make.

    Miss Piggy    Jul 3, 05:22 PM    #

  23. I have to admit, this recipe IS actually really super easy hehe. props!

    catty    Jul 4, 11:42 PM    #

  24. Mmmm pretzel… Mmm chocolate pretzel!

    Angie    Jul 5, 11:50 PM    #

  25. I LOVE chocolate covered pretzels. Those look amazing and I wish I had a few to snack on today!

    luv what you do    Jul 7, 05:35 AM    #

  26. Yum, those look delicious and very easy to make. :D Must now find other food I can coat with chocolate…

    Katherine    Jul 9, 03:50 PM    #

  27. Love love love this idea. I was the one who instagrammed you our finished products. Just showed Miss 6 your blog post, she was most impressed with your pictures and how “you” did it just like she did..LOL

    — Ellie    Jul 11, 08:31 PM    #

  28. Great idea Suze :) Definitely gonna try the next time I have a house party hehe ~ Thanks!

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet    Jul 16, 12:45 PM    #

  29. These were sooo yummy! It’s such a shame we don’t have Flipz here in Australia, but I tried this with white chocolate and oh man, it was such a great substitute- it got a little messy and time consuming with the the chocolate dipping but SO WORTH IT!

    Irene    Jul 17, 10:58 PM    #

  30. This is just… genius. Love your work.

    Christina @ The Hungry Australian    Jul 24, 08:29 PM    #

  31. I LOVE pretzels and I LOVE chocolate so this for me = PERFECTION!!

    George    Jul 29, 04:40 PM    #

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