Super Easy Strawberry Sour Cream Bundt

16 September 2013, 01:26

Zomg you guys what is up with the price of strawberries? They’re so freaking cheap it’s insane! Strawberries just makes me think of summer and this bundt cake is ridiculously delicious and best of all you only use one bowl!

I followed a recipe from Ryan Bakes and have converted the below recipe to metric. Instead of the cream cheese icing I made a simple lemon + icing sugar glaze and tinted it with pink food colouring to get it as close as I could to my pinkalicious Kenwood Kmix which is still my best friend in the kitchen.

226g salted butter, room temp
2¾ cups sugar
6 eggs
3 cups plain flour
¼ tsp bi carb soda
1 cup sour cream
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 punnets of strawberries (about 250g), diced

Preheat oven to 165C. Grease a 12 cup bundt pan. Cream the 226g butter and 2¾ cups of sugar until light and fluffy (about 3 minutes). Add eggs, two at a time, beating and scraping mixture from sides of bowl after each addition. Add in the sifted 3 cups flour, ¼ tsp bi carb soda, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 1 cup sour cream and beat for 2 minutes or until ingredients are mixed well.

Fold in the diced strawberries until just combined.

Pour batter into prepared bundt pan. Bake at 160C for 1hour-1 hour 15mins until cake is golden and leaves the sides of the pan. Allow cake to cool in pan before removing. Invert onto a a wire rack. Cool completely before frosting.

For the drizzle glaze, mix together the juice of ½ a lemon and 150g icing sugar. make sure the glaze isn’t too thick or it won’t be able to be drizzled. Food colouring optional :P

This bundt cake is the perfect cake for little lunch with some tea.

Aaaand an innards shot :D



  1. Amazed you can use sour cream for a bundt… a berrylious bundt!:)

    Nessy Eater    Sep 16, 02:07 AM    #

  2. Damn! That glaze looks so luscious and the cake does scream summer.

    Ramen Raff    Sep 16, 08:17 AM    #

  3. I’ve never baked strawberries!! must give your recipe a go, I bought plenty of strawberries! so cheap atm! :)
    love your kmix!

    Olivia @ mademoiselleinsydney    Sep 16, 08:57 AM    #

  4. Love the colour of the cake! And yes, it totally matches your mixer and hair :P

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Sep 16, 09:10 AM    #

  5. Whoa look at all those strawberries! This looks absolutely delicious. I will give this one a go :)

    Chris @ MAB vs Food    Sep 16, 11:31 AM    #

  6. Loving the super cheap strawberries right now! The sour cream bundt looks great!

    Jacq    Sep 16, 11:59 AM    #

  7. It had sour cream? No wonder it was so moist and buttery and not too sweet.

    — @alwayseating    Sep 16, 02:47 PM    #

  8. I use a similar recipe as well! Really liking the pink drizzle ^^

    Vivian - vxdollface    Sep 16, 04:42 PM    #

  9. Now that is one beautiful cake! Absolutely love it Suze!

    Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul    Sep 16, 04:45 PM    #

  10. I wanted to make a strawberry cake on the weekend – I have so many punnets in the fridge. Thanks for the recipe; I might tint the batter pink too :)

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Sep 16, 05:34 PM    #

  11. This looks absolutely AMAZING! I want some!

    Lisa    Sep 16, 10:06 PM    #

  12. Love the look of the inside of this bundt. I have been eating strawberries like crazy atm. So cheap & tasty.

    angela@mykikicake    Sep 16, 11:55 PM    #

  13. This cake was dericious! Totally stealing this recipe!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Sep 17, 06:26 AM    #

  14. This looks so good that my iPad now has a chunk missing from where I tried to devour such a lovely creation! We saw strawbs priced at 6 punnets for $5 while driving past a farm at Kemps Creek to visit someone but couldn’t stop as we were running late!

    — Peter    Sep 17, 07:54 PM    #

  15. i love the pink icing! so jealous of your k-mix!

    Milkteaxx    Sep 17, 10:55 PM    #

  16. OMG SUZE. You have a pink k mix. I have a red k mix! Such a cute cake. Did you make it cos it matches your mixer? :P

    Cassie    Sep 19, 05:41 PM    #

  17. OMG, the cake looked like it walked out of a Legally Blonde movie! It is so pretty. Someone is totally on a pink roll atm heh? Pink K mix pink hair and now pink cake. Pink is my fav color too :)

    Emily    Sep 19, 06:43 PM    #

  18. I love the one bowl method! I always find though that my bundt cakes are a bit dry. How was this recipe in terms of moistness?

    Tammi@insatiablemunchies    Sep 22, 08:41 AM    #

  19. Have been loving the abundance of strawberries lately too! And love the pink mix :)

    missklicious    Sep 22, 04:36 PM    #

  20. Loving your Ken! Though I am biased as I’ve had a faithful Kenwood patissier for a number of years now.

    Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse)    Sep 30, 05:39 PM    #

  21. Love your gorgeous pink icing. I can almost smell the strawberry goodness from your photos!

    Amanda@ChewTown    Oct 4, 10:13 AM    #

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  23. I do love a baked strawberry treat! and this one looks great :)

    jacki @ gobbled and gulped    Oct 20, 07:58 PM    #

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