Sizzlers, Carramar

  24 February 2006

When I was little I remember my family going to the local Sizzlers with my mum clutching the coupons to get us kids in for cheaper. I remember having to order a kids meal which I ate maybe 2 bites out of before running around with my brother getting a scoop of everything from the buffet, eating about 1/3 of it and then mixing everything into one big bowl of mush before adding icecream on top of it all. Something about all the pretty colours turning into a horrible brown would fascinate me and would earn many a scolding from the parentals. But the thing I remember the most of all was the sizzler cheese toast. Everyone hates cheese in my family and would shaft the toast onto my plate where I would happily abandon my own food for those slices of cheesy goodness.

Slowly the Sizzlers restaurants began to close and I haven’t been back since I was about 10. Until today! With a quick google search we found Sizzlers at Campbelltown, St George but headed to Carramar where Noods’ street directory turned out to be really wrong (either that or the location for Sizzlers is NOT at 559 Hume Highway)

A coupla u-turns here and a coupla swear words there and we made it to our destination. We felt like little kids again as we walked up the entrance and were seated by a nice smiley lady, narrowly missing the dinner rush with the huge crowds of families and bday parties. Within 2mins a plate of piping hot cheese toast was placed before us and within another 2mins were devoured before they ever saw the light of day (or nite in my stomach). It took them awhile before we were given another plate but they had stacked extra onto this 2nd plate and I was happy heh

For mains I ordered the Sizzling steak and garlic button mushrooms ($24.95) conveniently forgetting I hate mushrooms. I ordered the steak medium rare but it was a little on the so-over-cooked-its-kinda-tasteless-side however the mash and peppercorn sauce was extraordinarily good for a chain restaurant. Noods ordered the Sizzler t-bone ($25.95) which looked more like what medium rare is supposed to look and taste like.

And during the mains we tried out the buffet, going for the soups, nachos with extra guacamole and sour cream and cheeeese and Noods going crazy with the dessert making a nice soupy mess with his chocolate soft serve. But hey go for the bread! Cmon cheesy bread goodness!

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