Tea Room, QVB

  28 February 2006

Me and noods were in the city and had had a pretty heavy breakfast so around 3pm we were a bit hungry but not hungry enough to eat anything big and I realllli wanted some cake so off we went to the tea room (level 3, QVB). I knew the place was in the expensive area of the QVB and as soon as me and noods stepped into the room we were like erm so posh we don’t fit in we’re wearing jeans and thongs but we weren’t treated any differently they were so polite! We were seated in a gigantic room with crisp white linen table cloths and high backed seats and the extremely detailed ceiling and the shiny chandeliers. The afternoon tea ($22pp) came in 3 tiers and were beautifully presented and the waiter chose us a random flavour of tea because we couldn’t make up our minds.

1st tier: finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off! The 2 flavours were light curried egg and ham with marinara
2nd tier: Mini pastries! There was a square of opera cake, a square of a citrus and almond slice, a passionfruit macaroon, strawberry and cream cheese boat and a raspberry and cream profiterole

3rd tier: the 2 puff pastry things on the left were spinach and ricotta and then there was THE best scones ever!!! When I picked them up i was thinking hmm these cant be good if the outside is this hard and theyre all wonky shaped but whoa was i wrong the insides were so light and fluffy and then smothered with cream and strawberry preserve ohhhhh sooo good /drools

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