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  5 August 2006

oh how i love random days off in the middle of the week! watching the suits scurry around the city like worker ants on a mission… we were on a different mission- a mission to eat!
first stop Cupcakes on Pitt (Shop 2, 323 Pitt St, Sydney)

Would you believe ive never been here before? Multiple posts from GrabYourFork, Raging Yoghurt, and the Food Palate made me positively green with cupcake icing envy but at last at looong last its my turn!

We bought 5 for $17.50 and chose peppermint, passionfruit, jaffa, lemon meringue and honeycomb. So far we’ve onli eaten the peppermint and lemon meringue and i have mixed feelings about them. The lemon meringue looked so pretty but it had a realli weird raw egg white taste and smell but the cakey bit was ok buttery and not too dense. how pretty are they! i love well decorated cupcakes that arent too fancy that you dont want to eat them

With our pretty cupcakes sitting comfy in their box we crossed the street to Macchiato (338 Pitt Street, Sydney). Normally the first thing i do is to have a look at desserts but i was pretty hungry and straightaway ordered the margherita ($15.90) with extra boccocini ($1.50)

ooh look at those lumps of cheesey goodness oh yes it was worth that extra $1.50 for sure! the base is thin crust but not crispy which was good because i prefer a more chewable pizza than biscuit and it could have done with more oregano but other than that its the best margherita

noods ordered the NZ mussels with linguine ($21)

from previous experience the mussels are the onli things worth eating if its paired with pasta but this time noods loved the pasta more than the mussels ‘im a BIG fan of the pasta’ heh mussels were good tho and presentation was preety

feeling extremely full i was hitting myself when i saw the dessert menu and saw apple and custard pizza! and chocolate and strawberries ravioli! argh but no matter we will return!

On to icecream! Pit stop at Gelatomassi (262 King Street, Newtown)

Gelatomassi has THE best gelato in sydney!

my favourite gelato there is the watermelon but they dont make it very often so i settled on a scoop of lychee and a scoop of pistachio

and then Serendipity (333-339 Enmore Rd, Marickville)

Have you been to Passionflower? the sexy icecream restaurant with flavours such as black sesame, durian and sticky rice? Serendipity is a family run business that supplys their icecream and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! theyre open mon-fri 9-5 and sat 10am-1pm so gogogogogooooo!

one scoop of icecream at passionflower is about $3.60 but here one TUB is onli $5! dudeeeee thats a whole lot of scoops! we bought 6 tubs- black sesame, sticky rice, chocolate fudge, lemon line bitters, guava and lime sorbet

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