Mado Cafe

  9 August 2006

Mado Cafe (63 Auburn Road, Auburn) is a Turkish restaurant recently visited by GrabYourFork, the food palate and ragingyoghurt and of course their descriptions of the dessert was enough for me to drag noods out to auburn (“but im not hungrrryyyy you have plenty of icecream!”)

firinda sutlac (oven baked rice pudding) ($4.50)

ooh plump grains of rice floating in a milky sweet sea of goodness… the top layer was a bit weird it kinda felt like eating thru a skin of milk which has gone off/congealed… but it still tasted good!

kazandibi (charred pudding)

“it tastes like something… like like a marshmallow!” indeed it does taste just like a toasted marshmallow mmm noods liked it becos he didnt have to CHEW. i KNOW. boys. heh

this was either maras icecream of kesme maras… i think the latter tho

but it was good! it didnt melt! tasted like turkish cotton candy a bit nutty? mmm nuts. and loook at that lovely sprinkle of pistachio bits!

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