noods' bday dinner at the thye residence

  24 August 2006

me and noods have a tradition where we go to each others houses and get the parentals to cook our favourite meal- in my case mash potatoes with plenty of salt, rendang chicken and baked cauliflower with a truckload of cheese. This time it was noods’ turn for his favourite foods and people in the thye household have a thing for overdoing things and even tho noods onli requested penang laksa the parentals decided on another 2 courses…

Penang Laksa

As good as the real thing! noods claims he doesnt even need to go back to malaysia anymore lol


Super Dad the Satay King strikes again!

Peking Duck

my mum has this thing with the pancakes… she hates the ones you get at the supermarket so she makes her own. as you do.

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