Trevi Lakeside Restaurant Degustation Menu

  27 August 2006

Opened late Feb last year, Trevi Lakeside Restaurant (Shop 5, 8 Century Circuit, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills) overlooks the Norwest Lake in Bella Vista and its soft lighting, velvety seats and warm service instantly making you feel at ease. Me and noods booked in advance for the Degustation Menu ($85 p.p) and golly gosh the presentations were so preety and each dish just fantastic!

Fresh Oysters with Champagne Sorbet, Kilpatrick, and Mozzarella Cheese and Baby Spinach

I really liked the oysters with champagne sorbet! The sweet sorbet went well together with the salty and tangy oyster. The oysters with spinach were a bit weird tho becos i dont realli like chewing oysters…

Scallops wrapped in Pancetta and Zuchinni, garnished with Radish and Rocket

Scallops were fantastic! (and really really hot). We could barely see the pancetta but could definitely taste it without overpowering the scallop

Handmade Potato and Ricotta Gnocchi served with Baby Goat Ragout and fresh Pecorino Cheese

Ive had bad experiences with gnocchi and have always steered clear but these were light and you barely had to chew! the pecorino cheese went really well with the goat

Barramundi Fillet with Pinenut and Currents Salsa, Kipfler Potatos and Baby Asparagus

sooo soooooo soft! and very interesting combination of pinenuts and currents. Altho i would have liked the pinenuts roasted a bit but otherwise best dish on menu

Salt and Peper Baby Calamari

ive eaten salt and peper calamari a bit too many times at chinese restaurants to be easily impressed but these were pretty good, the batter was nice and light altho couldve done with a bit more of a pepper kick and the mayo dressing could have done with a dash of lime or something…

Venison Medallion with Roasted Vegetables

sooo full…. i managed to pawn this off to noods haha i dont realli like venison… but the vegies were good! really fresh and erm the green leafy vegies were swimming in butter… mmm butter…

Sticky Date Pudding

argh soooo full! but sooo good… oh how i love butterscotch sauce! seriously i think butterscotch sauce is the best sauce…

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee with Macadamia Nuts

this was FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! THE most perfect creme brulee! how can something so innocent looking be soooo good

thanks for dinner noods! and happy (almost) anniversary hehe

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