australia day at euro lounge

  29 January 2007

australia day! what better way to celebrate a public holiday in Australia where we commemorate the arrival of white settlers on the First Fleet in 1788 by eating its MASCOTS

Euro Lounge has recently had a change in management and when me and noods first came after the change, service was inattentive and food extremely mediocre but a couple of months makes all the difference in the world and the food was pretty much spot on and the service was polite and friendly.

heh check out the complimentary meat pie we scored:

tasty mmm its been ages since ive had a meat pie

Smoked Salmon & Sour Cream Terrine $15.90.

mmm smoked salmon was silky smooth and i liked the sour cream however it was a tad too much but the honey seeded mustard sauce had a light tangy sweetness which prevented the dish from being too heavy and i looooved the salmon roe mmm bubbles of sweet briny goodness

Crocodile Carpaccio with Lemon Myrtle Oil and Bush Tomato Confit $21.90.

noods likes eating strange animals. because hes strange . the croc didnt taste like anything specific. kinda like when you eat abalone or sharks fin and its the soup that it comes with which makes it tasty? yeah

Wagyu Beef Rump $49.90.

the menu said the wagyu had a marble score of 9 and while it was incredibly soft and juicy i dont think it was that high because me and noods have eaten better and tastier wagyu and 9 is the highest it can get. and there was no way in hell i could have eaten that whole plate! before the new management it used to be $75 for that plate of wagyu shared between 2 people!

Wattle Seed Crusted Kangaroo and Bitter Chocolate Sauce $28.90

noods finished this in like 3 mins. not that it was small more like because he liked it. alot. altho not the chocolate sauce so much because he doesnt like it when his flavours are mixed hehe but the kumera mash was fantastic!

i have no idea what this was called something something chocolate parfait with peanut crunch? um. but it was sooo good the chocolate was smooth and a very good combination with the whole peanuts on the base of the tart. i couldnt realli taste the sauce which was a shame because it looked so preetty but the pistachio bits were brilliant!

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