Kobe Jones, King St Wharf

  15 April 2007

a long overdue catchup dinner with baulko high school peeps was at Kobe Jones (29 Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney) a chain of Californian Japanese fusion restaurants.

We were greeted with a giant IRASHAIMASE! which i always find funny and welcoming at the same time but at this restaurant it quickly became annoying when the aussie waiter kept screaming it even when noone had entered the restaurant

complimentary starter of um carrot and cucumber sticks in a thickish sauce that oddly tasted like hoisin sauce

first up the number 1 special ($7 for one ball). this was uber tasty! Crab Salad with avocado wrapped in snapper and baked with KJ’s cream sauce mmm sure it wasnt real crab more like crabstick but it was still tasty and i lurveee avocado

Sashimi Salad ($16.50)

Sizzling Salmon Sashimi Carpaccio ($15.50) thin slices of salmon drizzled with an infused olive oil and i dont know what it was infused with but it was tasty stuff just a lil on the sweet side

Salmon Dynamite Roll ($13) with a spicy level of 3

Tuna Tataki ($19) Authentic seared tuna served with a tataki sauce

Volcano Roll ($19). Oven baked scallops layered on top of our California roll with sesame seeds and shallot sprinkle mmm this was good but the prices was a little steep and i dont like me scallops chopped in half like i know its to make it look like theres more of em but it feels funny when i eat half scallops like its been eaten alrdy…

Spider Roll ($19). Crunchy soft shell crab with crab salad, avocado and cucumber.

Seared Tuna Steak au poivre with seafood risotto ($29.50). me and noods took one bite of the tuna and go hey this tastes like steak… it was strange but still tasty and the risotto was perfectly cooked each grain plump and juicy

me and noods <3


isa, chu, matty, baz

Dessert Time!

Ama Ozen- mixed platter of Kobe Jones desserts ($26). chu built this up a little too much saying it was huge haha but me and noods scoffed it all down mmm tasty

i cant remember what this was but it was very chocolatey and rich like mousse mmm mousse

Fresh fruit sushi cheesecake with Kobe Jones’ famous Chop Sticks. this was a typical japanese style baked cheesecake which was very rich and creamy the chopsticks were a novelty but there was nothing to pick up&#8230;

green tea creme brulee this was sooo goood there was a nice even layer of granulated sugar crystals protecting the smooth custardy goodness and hidden on the bottom were red beans!

black sesame icecream this was ok but not sesamey enough as compared to passionflower

um random cup of strawberries?

Chocolate sabayon on a hazelnut biscuit with a vanilla anglaise this was tasty but the biscuit was a tad hard and i had to stab it repeated times to break it into pieces

thanks for a lovely dinner guys we should meet again soon!

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