22 July 2007

You may have noticed a lack of restaurant posts and unfortunately it seems as if my blog is dying. i still love food what with all the fabulous pork crackling and duck confit and t-bones floating around out there but funds are a lil low as me and the mothership are working out the kinks with our business. Its going good tho im knee deep in shortbread and i dream about ice skating on a rink of butter every now and then and ive had to stop all my pirate swearing [yarr!] Anywhos i realli cant wait until Ratatouille comes out and ooh have you seen the trailers for No Reservations? Yeah catherine zeta jones isnt someone i particularely like but i think it was awesomely funny when she slammed a slab of uncooked meat on the dudes table and screams is that raw enough for you lol i hope to come back and write about restaurants and all the incredible food in sydney soon in the meantime you can come visit me at mosman markets (1st sat) and riverside markets (2nd sat) and oh man im so hungry…

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